Boom Beach Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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 As we shared here first some of terms and elements you might encounter of playing Boom Beach through wiki guides, now is the time to share to you some tips and tricks of playing this game as we believe that you can now understand easier due to the terms that we included in wiki. If you already played Clash of Clans, well that is another point of advantage from knowing the concept of playing real time strategy game. For those who haven’t just for the sake of introduction, in this game you will play a military setting of attacking and defending your base and you can consider tips below for effective playing:

The game uses two primary resources: gold and wood as they offer different ways to let their players generate these two currency such as through their resources buildings, ransacking other island, collecting tributes from the villages who already rescued, achievements completion and lot more. The primary source is sawmill for wood and mine for gold but the game only allowed players to build one single unit as your storage. As your worker cut down a tree, it will directly go to your sawmill for storage while trees generate over time, you will never find running out of trees for wood only worker to do the job. Diamonds stand as your premium resources where you can convert it for more wood, gold etc. This is the most important currency in game as you will try to look on it, players want to download Boom Beach cheats so they can have unlimited Diamonds for their account. Though this currency is tend to purchase using your real cash, the game offers different method to get diamonds for free such as achievement completions and other in game promotion.

The trick in playing this game without having problem with your resources is to focus first on maximizing everything on generating resources. It is exciting part to attack or to build defense tower for counter attack in game but actually as a beginner, you should not get touch with that part yet. Yes you have initial capital to use but you should focus on improving your resources as well as upgrading them including your storage. Don’t worry you don’t need to build defense mechanism first since you don’t have more resources to ransack, other players will pass on attacking you and instead they will go for bigger fish. Use this time to build up your resources and your headquarters so you can improve more on your buildings. There is a right time for attacking and just spend your first phase in response for your resources.

Suppose that you are ready to attack, the next thing you need to learn is familiarizing your troops. That is the reason why we included troops in our wiki so you can formulate your strategy out of it. The game observes based on full strategy as a matter of fact, you don’t have control with your unit only they will move based on their preferred target. Use that pre-set command on them to maximize your advantage as it is like you are controlling them with your plan. By default, your initial troops are riflemen but as you upgrade your headquarters you can unlock more troops (heavies) such as zookas, tanks, medics, and warriors. Heavies stands as tankers, they are great in absorbing heavy damage from your enemy. Usually they are deploy first in the lane so they can soak up damage and let your opposing troops response on it. You can consider defensive building to strategize your offensive tactics on what kind of troops you should use in facing those opponent’s defensive structures.

Actually once you know how offensive concept works, you can easily put up defensive system by converting both position. If you encountered enemies with solid defense you can base your defensive atmosphere on them. If you encountered opponent where you easily bypassed their defensive element, you should not work the same as them. Everything is dynamic and moving, don’t close your door in just one pattern of defense, again everything will be based on your understanding so learning the advantage and disadvantage of every piece you can play in battle will do the job. Don’t forget to consider our wiki for defensive buildings.

To win a game, you need only to destroy the headquarters. So this enclosed with two concepts. Generally if you are making your defense strategy, you might prioritize your headquarters and if you are playing the offensive part you must focus on breaking down the headquarters. One of the best way to manage blitz against headquarters is the help of gunship’s energy to unleash destruction against enemy gun towers as well as using flares against enemy troops. There are two major strategy in attacking other player’s island, one is to directly focus on destroying their headquarters and another is to make a very careful strategy of not deploying all troops but only using a minimal number of opposing unit to do such cheap shot against unprotected buildings especially resources.

Your overall goal is to upgrade your headquarters as possible as this will also let your every units to be upgraded. Of course for you to do it, you need a passive income so don’t forget to prioritize with your resources rather than attacking or enjoying the game. Always consider your resources, yes we are with you as it is very exciting to cast battle against other players but every attack will consume resources so you need to balance it but in the end it should be an earning resources that can let you upgrade your headquarters at ease.

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