'Clash of Clans' Upgrades News: New Upgrades Launching on ClashCon

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According to Yibada, there are several aspects of the game that could probably be the target for upgrades by developer Supercell. One is the Town Hall 11. Many players have previously stated that they would love to have something better than just raiding other bases and building more walls. The outlet claims that Supercell will take advantage of the event to let players know that the gate will be opened for TH11.

If Town Hall 11 gets an upgrade, Barbarians should get one, too. This means that Supercell opening doors for a better TH11 will also give Barbarians a wide pathway toward Level 8.

Some outlets, on the other hand, suggest that the developer should consider adding a new Dark Troop and various spells that should be available for use in Town Halls 9–11.

Another possible upgrade that the developer could give to fans is the addition of Single Player maps. Many fans have already requested for the feature, and though it has not been confirmed, some gaming outlets speculate that Supercell might give in to the coaxing of players.

COC players are fond of tournaments and some rumors suggest that the ClashCon will probably reveal a new feature that will see players choosing either 5vs5 or 10vs10 modes. The so-called "Clan War Tournaments" will not only give players a chance to get extra gems and other loot but it is seen to strengthen the camaraderie between players.

A recent rumor has started making rounds online regarding a new hero to join the King and Queen. It is yet unclear if this new character will be helping the King and Queen or if he/she will have another heroic purpose.

Players will just have to wait until the event starts to get a better picture of the new upgrades that Supercell will reveal on ClashCon.

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