Clash of Clans Update: New Hero To Drastically Change How People Play The Game?

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Supercell took ClashCon by storm as they revealed the upcoming major Clash of Clans update to include Town Hall 11, a new defense, and a new hero. Many were interested in the mysterious new hero as it requires Elixir to unlock as opposed to the Barbarian King and Archer Queen. How will the new hero change the way players approach Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans Update

The new hero requires 6 million elixir to acquire. According to Clash of Clans veteran Chief Pat, the Elixir requirement for the new hero is too expensive, implying that there might only be a few upgrades available for it. “If 6 million elixir is the initial cost of the hero right of the batt, you don’t think the hero would have 40 levels because starting at 6 million doesn’t give you enough wiggle room,” Chief Pat said.

Despite this expensive Elixir requirement for the new hero, Supercell’s decision makes sense especially as they might provide more levels for the Barbarian King and Archer Queen. This means that you can still concentrate on levelling up the BK and AQ as they both require Dark Elixirs as opposed to the new hero.


Gold has always been one of the most needed resource in the game, and the introduction of this new requirement will help balance things out. Chief Pat pointed that the Elixir requirement is also going to provide a “fascinating way” on how COC players manage their resources.

“That means you’re actually gonna have less Elixir to do other upgrades around your Town Hall such as laboratory upgrades using Elixir, building upgrades using Elixir, as well as even stuff such as your army compositions. Its gonna take a little bit of Elixir away from you when you’re using that hero.”

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