Clash of Clans Update: Expanded Base Confirmed, Possible Release Date

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 Supercell is bringing tons of new content in the incoming major Clash of Clans update and to make way for all the new structures, an expanded village will be introduced in the game. The inclusion of an expanded base has recently been confirmed by Chief Pat, a veteran Clash of Clans player who does sneak peak videos for upcoming Clash of Clans updates.

According to Chief Pat, Supercell has now confirmed that villages will be expanded and obstacles such as trees and bushes will be moved to the new border. “They did mention that the map is gonna be expanded and the obstacles are gonna be moved,” Chief Pat said.

I saw some people have some numbers based from on what they thought from the developer build, how the maps will be expanded. Of course the videos that they showed us at ClashCon, nothing was final. They can change everything if they wanted to. But it looks like the maps can be expanded because obviously if you’re adding in all these new stuff for Town Hall 11, you’re gonna need a little bit more real estate to put that new defense and if they bring some other stuff, so who knows how they’ll fit that in the current map.”


Clash of Clans Update Release Date

Clash of Clans Server Programmer Jonas Collaros said at ClashCon that there will be an extended sneak peak schedule for the upcoming major update. Normal Sneak Peak schedules usually happens for only four to five days, but extended Sneak Peaks can take even more than a week, Chief Pat said.

Chief Pat predicted that the update might be released on either November 9 or 10, or November 16 or 17. A Monday or Tuesday release is highly likely so Supercell has enough time to iron out possible flaws in the update, Chief Pat said.

“The reason that I’m picking either Monday or Tuesday as the date the update is gonna come out  is because usually when Supercell is working on an update, I think they’d rather have more time to release it and then work on it throughout the week.”

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