How To Predict Trap Positions

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 trained your troops, Heroes are ready and you spend a small fortune for Spells. You’re ready for the attack and search yourself a nice base with filled storages you want to attack. Everything is good, you’re sure you can win this attack when suddenly your troops run into traps and get weaker and weaker by every moment passing by. That’s not what you expected. Traps can make attacks go horribly wrong and in this post I want to show you how you can at least spot some traps and be prepared.

Spotting Traps Stops Getting Surprised

The ugly thing about traps from the attacker perspective is, you don’t see them. You can only assume that there are some and maybe where they are to be expected. I took myself on a journey a while back and tried to develop a technique I can automatically use to predict where to expect traps – and how to prevent them ruining my attack.hog rider hit spring trap hog rider spring trap

This took me some weeks and I attacked a lot of bases just out of curiosity to see if I spotted some traps right or not. That was an invest in time and resources, but worth it. Today, I use this completely automatically when scouting, because I know what setups will almost all the time hide certain traps for me. In this guide, I want to show you what I learned and how it works, so you don’t need to spend time and resources finding it out.

The technique I use is using some very simple approaches:

  1. Recognize obvious Trap setups
  2. Use that knowledge to NOT be hit by the Trap(s) in full power
  3. Decide if you’re able to attack that base with those Traps

Before I will show you the setups, I want to give you one very important rule. Sometimes it’s ok to not attack a base when Traps will probably blast your attack.

Expects the worst but hope for the best

Never attack in the hope that you might be wrong or the trap is maybe not armed. That’s Russian roulette! If you spot a setup that probably shows you that a trap is there and you have no possibility to unarm that trap cheap, don’t attack. Even if you’re right in 7 out of 10 cases, you’ll lose 3 attacks; even worst. You actually knew before that you don’t win, but you attacked anyway. Have you ever put 3 times in a row a dollar in the same coke machine even if that very machine didn’t return you the coke? I doubt it. You’ll find a base you can attack and win, so why taking this unnecessary risk?

Obvious Places For Traps

If you have two spaces where a Trap can be and you’re not sure which one it is, always expect it to be in the place being worst for you. Murphy’s Law: everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Or more simple spoken, the PBJ is always landing with the peanut butter side first on the ground. A hard lesson for me to learn.

Rounded Open Corners

Have a look at this setup. Why should someone build the Walls that un-useful?
clash-of-clans-giants-prevent-spring-traps clash of clans giants prevent spring trapsThe only possibility is that the architect behind that is mentally retarded or there is a reason he wants your troops to walk around that wall corner. Spoiler: it’s the second one.

You can be sure there is something and like I already mentioned, expect the worst. Be sure to see a Spring Trap there. You can defend that easily by simply deploying one troop that will activate the Trap before you start your main attack:

Open Pieces In Walls

Those are the same setups but inside the base. You can’t easily prevent the trap by deploying the first troop to un-arm the trap.

Clash-of-Clans-Trap-Funneling-Giants Clash of Clans Trap Funneling Giants e1446057210626

In this case, you simply have to be sure whether this may or may not make your attack work or fail. When you see that you can be sure it’s a Spring Trap (or maybe more of them) in there.

The 2×2 Tiles

Giant Bombs are very effective because they deal some honest damage. Luckily they only deal their full deadly power when they are in the inside, where attacking troops are gathered together. That makes it very easy to spot them:Clash-of-Clans-difference-Giant-Bomb-vs-Hidden-Tesla-location Clash of Clans difference Giant Bomb vs Hidden Tesla location


When you don’t see those open spaces in the base be sure the Giant Bombs are on the outside. In this case read here how to un-arm them more easy:

Prevent your attacks getting blasted by Traps Part 2

The hard thing is that Hidden Tesla as well has this 2×2 tiles. In the picture above you can see that they are surrounded by Walls, who do you think would surround Giant Bombs by Walls? Right. The Giant Bombs have to be somewhere else:

Clash-of-Clans-spot-the-Giant-Bomb-vs-Hidden-Tesla-location-in-clan-war-exactly-assume Clash of Clans spot the Giant Bomb vs Hidden Tesla location in clan war exactly assumeWhat do you think? So many open spaces, which ones are having the Giant Bombs? I would bet that the Hidden Tesla is in the core :) simple smile

Open spaces next to Air Defenses

I always recommend placing Seeking Air Mines next to Air Defenses, because when someone will use Lightning Spells on that Air Defense you can expect him to send in the air troops exactly there. The best place to have Seeking Air Mines waiting.

lavaloonion trap placement seeking air mine versus lava hounds

Also, what do you think should make sense next to the Air Defense instead? Open spaces next to ADs are almost always Seeking Air Mines.

Open Spaces In Souther Teaser Areas

When you take a look at southern teaser bases you will see open spaces in there:clash-of-clans-southern-teaser-base-layout-clan-war clash of clans southern teaser base layout clan warOf course there are lots of Bombs and Spring Traps in there. If you use Golems you’re good, make sure to send them in first before sending in Wizards etc. When using other tanks you need to be careful and maybe think about hitting the next button.

exposed town halls

Easy League Bonus? Alright! But then something like this happens:trolling base with exposed town hall and hidden tesla around troll exposed town hall

You’ll never know if there is something next to the exposed Town Hall. Lots of players tend to use the Archer Queen to take down the Town Hall without having to train some troops before making the next attack. AQs have a real problem now and the next attack has to wait even longer. Training some Archers is way faster than waiting until your Archer Queen is regenerated.Never deploy a Hero first when you want to snipe an exposed Town Hall.

Expose your Town Hall correctly for Farming







I would recommend you to start looking for these setups one by one – you’ll need some time until you do that automatically by instinct when scouting a base. In the end, it will simply save you one or another lost attack.



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