Monster Hunter Online Open Beta Kicks off on December 17!

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Great news for Monster Hunter fans! After announcing the final non-wiped closed beta last week, got an exclusive news from Tencent that Monster Hunter Online will finally kick off open beta on December 17th, 2015! This time, all of the hunters can play the game without a beta key! That day is finally coming after several closed beta tests, which took like 2 to 3 years since the announcement of MHO.

In this upcoming open beta, players can expect to see more new contents, including the brand new team race, commerial commission, extremely hard mode, new weapons, new monsters and much more.

Commercial Commission

Once hunters accept the commercial commission, they have to hunt some special monsters to complete the task. Hunters will be rewarded with special items and even outfits!

The Extremely Hard Mode

This mode will return to the open beta again. Players who love challenge and would like to test their hunting skills should not miss that! More powerful and unique monsters will appear in this mode and hunters have to take some time studying their weakness and then beat them. Sounds like a lot of fun, isn't it?

New Weapon & Monsters

A new weapon (looks like a hunting horn?) is going to show off in the open beta. Technically speaking, it's the classic weapon in Monster Hunter, but it got reinvented in Monster Hunter Online. They keep how it looks but they changed they way hunters use it. Besides the new weapon, new monsters will keep adding in MHO, including the largest crustaceans monsters.

Team Race & Hunting Race

Those are the two brand new racing modes in MHO, where hunters can compete with each other, showing off their personal skills in hunting. It also needs the perfect team spirit because hunters will need to work with their team mates to win the race, which mades MHO a bit competitive in this level.

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