7 Types of Troops for War Attack at Town Hall 5

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Town Hall 5 players don't have the luxury of random attacking. With limited troops available, you need to know what each unit is great at doing to maximize their effects. 


At Town Hall 5 you can only use 7 kinds of troops: Barbarians, Archers, Gobins, Giants, Wall Breakers, Balloons and Wizards. And they are all very low level.


This post will elaborate on the specialties of each unit at Town Hall 5, including what amount and what kind of situation is good to use them.


Wall Breaker Attack Guide



They are great at breaking down Walls. But they are quite expensive and cost considerable time to train. So it's better to use them at bases that have level 4 Walls (dark gray) or above. 


You need at least 2 Wall Breakers to take down a Wall. Statistically one is enough. But they are fragile.
So send 2 to make sure the job is done. Drop 2 at the same time behind some Barbarians or Giants so
that they don't get mowed down before even get to the Walls. 



Also, it's always better to bring 3-6 Wall Breakers with you in a raid, just in case the first try is killed prematurely.

Balloons Attack Guide




They are great at taking down ground target defenses. And they are also expensive. 


The best bases for Town Hall 5 players to use Balloons are those with weak air defense -no Wizard Tower, no Air Defense or level 1 AD, Archer Towers below level 5.  If these towers are also ill placed like outside Walls and unprotected, even better.


If you decide to use Balloons, use a large group of them. They are great killer in group. Lonely Balloons get easily killed before doing any damage.


Also note that Balloons attack defenses first and would bypass any other buildings until all defenses on the base are down. 


Giants Attack Guide




Giants are great tank at this level. They soak up damages and distract fire while your Archers are dealing damage behind them or your Goblins safely sneak past them to steal gold. But they are costly and move slowly. So using them as supportive unit would be wise. 


Also, they are easily cornered by Clan Castle troops and killed. So take care of cc troops before dropping your Giants.


Take 7-10 with you in a raid, don't use them all at once. 

Wizards Attack Guide




They are great at taking down cc troops. So the best unit to work with them is Giant who as I said earlier sucks at dealing with cc troops. Giants can be the meat shield for Wizards. Barbarians can also cover Wizards if you feel more comfortable with Barbs. 


Wizards can't survive long without Giants or Barbarians. 



Archers Attack Guide

They are the most versatile unit in the game. At Town Hall 5 they are the best killer working with Barbarians. If you have no idea of how to use other troops that's fine. Just load your barracks full of Archers and Barbarians, and some Wall Breakers, you can basically break any same level bases.



Barbarians Attack Guide

They are cheaper than Giants and are great meat shield in numbers. It's common strategy to spread them in a line to attract fire and then spread a line of Archers behind to deal damage. This works from Town Hall 4 to Town Hall 8. It is the most basic and most easy strategy in the game. 



Goblins Attack Guide



They are only good at taking out storages. It's best to pair them with Giants and Wall Breakers. And don't use them at collectors. Your Archers can deal with collectors which are usually placed outside the base. Goblins are necessary when you try to take out storages inside Walls. 


In short, if you don't bother changing among different troop compositions, use Archers, Barbarians, and Wall Breakers as your regular troop formation. They are easy and cheap and effective. The best units for low level Town Hall players.



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