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 Hello, guys. Welcome to our Boom Beach Community. Here I am trying to answer you why is it hard to login Boom Beach recently. Hope you will be satisfied with this passage.





Recently, many players have said that it is hard for to login Boom Beach. It doesn’t work even if they have restarted the game. Worse still, the game will lost the connection to the server when they are attacking others. When they have reconnected to the server, they found all their Troops are dead. It really makes you feel anxious. 




When you have met with those situations, many of you may try to reopen the game again and again at that time, and it doesn’t work either. So in case of encountering the same situation, you can try the below two ways: one is to update your Boom Beach to the newest version. The other one is to clear your mobile storage space, as insufficient storage space would influence your game loading speed.

Thank you for your reading of this passage, have we solved your questions? If you want to know more, please keep an eye on Boom-Beach-Guide for more guide videos and strategies!

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