Best Statues Strategies in Boom Beach for Players

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Hello, everyone. Welcome here to find the best Statues strategies in Boom Beach, hope you can find what you really want in this passages. 


As there are so many Boom Beach Statues strategies on the website, and you may not know which strategy should be chose. The Statues Strategies I am sharing to you is the one that I think the best, hope you will like it. However, If you are still of low level, the number of Statues you can owe maybe is less than 6, and the number of Statues in this passages is 10, so you can refer to this Statues strategies and choose the different kinds of Statues you want. 






  • The 2 Dark Gunboat Energy boost Statues can help you take down key defenses during your attacks.


  • The 2 Magma Masterpiece Statues for Troop Health boost and Troop Damage boost are something that everyone has since those are pretty much a given.


  • Similar to the above, the 2 Ice Masterpieces for Defensive Building Damage and Building Health are common with the exception of those people who follow a maximum offensive strategy.


  • But last and the most important are the 4 Dark Resource Reward boost Statues and I believe that these are your key to success in Boom Beach, because you get tons of extra resources from every battle allowing you to plan and collect a lot of resources. If you max these over time you can have a 40% + 20% x 3 statues giving a 100% boost to captured resources and this can then be turned into 200% if you buff them up, which is an awesome bonus. Naturally getting the max percentages will be hard, so your go up to maximum of 170% fully boosted, which is still very nice.


However, every coin has two sides. The disadvantage of this strategy is that you are probably not going to be able to take down the tough opponents, so you have to skip those and hunt on the weaker ones, but when you do successfully storm a beach you certainly have a huge party with all the resources that you capture! :D


Above is all about the best Statues strategies in Boom Beach for Players, have you learned something helpful from it? If you want to know more, please keep an eye on Boom-Beach-Guide  for more guide videos and strategies!

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