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New to Boom Beach and in need of a helping hand? We've got you covered. While a lot of the fun of such games is figuring out your own strategies for success, it's also useful to have someone give you a few helpful tips and tricks to get you started. We offer up a few pieces of advice for those just starting out and confused as to where to go or what to do next.

The Importance of Being Resourceful





  • As with most freemium-based city or base building games, the resources you gather are vital to getting anywhere in Boom Beach. Early on, you'll mainly be dealing with wood and gold. Wood is used for building new things as well as upgrading existing structures. Gold is primarily used to recruit new units and reveal more of the map, thereby opening up more opportunities to progress.



  • As well as that is the premium currency: diamonds. These can be used to fill up the gaps left behind by lack of wood or gold, but they're much more efficiently used to speed up timers on things that have long waiting times. Early on, few things take long to build so save any diamonds acquired (when possible) for later on in the game when things can take days to finish. Completing achievement objectives unlocks more diamonds, so focus on these where possible.



  • Later on in the game stone and iron will play valuable roles in upgrading buildings, but by then you should have a handle on what's going on.



  • Unusually, in the early levels gold is quite plentiful while wood is much harder to come by. A useful tip is to remove as many trees as possible. It'll cost 600 gold a turn but you'll gain 300 wood in exchange, thereby making it much simpler to afford those all-important building upgrades. 



    Base Building





  • At first, try to focus everything around your HQ. While later on you'll come up against enemies that can use AoE (Area of Effect) attacks, which are better dealt with when spread out, early on it's wise to stay concentrated. Stay as far away from the shore as possible so it'll take your opponent a while to get to you, giving your defensive towers time to strike back.



  • Keep your HQ upgraded as frequently as possible. It'll mean there's always something new to build and somewhere further to progress.



  • Other priorities should be your vault as it'll keep your resources as safe as possible, and your radar. The radar helps uncover more clouds amongst the islands, thereby giving you more places to strike out at.



  • If you're still struggling for wood, a sawmill upgrade or two could be very handy.



  • For easy gold gains, build as many residences as possible to keep the income flowing steadily.



  • As a general tip, remember to set up upgrades or new building constructions right before quitting your session. It'll help you resist spending those precious diamonds to speed things up.



    Know your Troops





  • Each of the six troop types have different strengths and weaknesses. Learn to adapt accordingly.



  • Riflemen are cannon fodder, pure and simple. They're pretty cheap but they're also weak. Safety in numbers here, and also careful placement so they can overwhelm others without being taken out too soon.



  • The Heavies are great at soaking up damage but they also take a long time to replace and there's significant loss of gold involved. Use them to cover the riflemen but don't forget to redirect them with a flare when the going gets tough.



  • Zookas are the most powerful of troops but their health is incredibly low. They have a much longer range than most though, so keep them away from danger and behind some heavies for maximum efficiency.



  • Warriors use melee attacks rather than guns so they have limited range, but they're pretty tough as well as fast. Large numbers of them are the most effective strategy but make sure there's a Heavy or two to provide some cover for them.



  • Tanks are predictably tough but they're also very slow and take up a lot of room on your gunboat. Having said that, use all tanks and you're practically indestructible. Providing there aren't too many mines in the way, that is.



  • Medics should never be at the front of the charge. Keep them way back so they can heal others without threat to themselves. Also, don't expect them to work well with the far too weak Zookas and the far too speedy Warriors. Tanks and Heavies are the best to use in conjunction.



    War is Hell





  • Before even considering attacking an enemy base, scout it first. It's completely free to do with no restrictions and it's a handy way of picking out enemies with badly designed bases. Plus, you can adapt your forces to accommodate their defenses.



  • You only need to destroy their HQ to win, but having said that, sometimes you're better off picking off low level enemies first so they don't grind you down while focusing on the big prize.



  • Flares are vital in these instances, enabling you to direct troops to specific targets. It's not perfect by any means but it is your greatest tactical weapon.



  • Artillery fire is great for destroying mines, especially in conjunction with flares to redirect your troops away from danger.



  • Use up your gunship tokens. They don't carry over between battles so you might as well go for broke with a flurry of artillery, flares, and medpacks.




  • Enemies are going to win. Quite often, unfortunately. Don't be too disheartened and learn from their victories. You can watch replays to see where it all went wrong and where your base is lacking some much needed firepower.

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