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 A large game-changing refurbish is entrance shortly to a renouned mobile diversion Clash of Clans. Over a march of a past week a developers, Supercell, have been releasing tiny teasers and censor peaks per what to expect. Below are a few pivotal new details, what to expect, and all Clashers need to know.

Those who’ve been following along during a central Clash of Clans forum know about copiousness of a changes already, nonetheless this afternoon a few some-more changes were announced. There will be no some-more Town Hall sniping, shields will be harder to get, bases are removing bigger, and we’ll now have 30 some-more seconds to finish attacks. Read on for all a details.

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Earlier this month a developers expelled a initial set of changes and “sneak peeks” divulgence some of what’s to come, and we’ll solemnly be training some-more for a subsequent 7-10 days. From what we’re hearing, a Clash of Clans Dec refurbish will arrive on or around Dec 7th. Here’s what we should know.


Typically Clash of Clans updates arrive after 3-4 days of censor peeks or teasers from a company, that are suggested during a central forum or on Facebook. However, this refurbish is such a large refurbish a association reliable there will be dual weeks of censor peeks, that started on Monday a 23rd of November.

This means that in roughly dual weeks, on or around Dec 7th, all a changes will be known, new facilities announced, and a refurbish should start rolling out around a finish of a dual week teaser period. That said, here’s what we schooled this week.

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Huge changes are entrance to Clash of Clans opposite a board. From Town Hall 11, bigger map size, a 3rd hero, a new defensive building and more. Then this week they suggested shields won’t be given out for Town Halls being destroyed, that is a outrageous change. Now an assailant contingency use during slightest 1/3 of their army and get 30% repairs before users get a shield. This will get absolved of a “cheat” where many players leave Town Halls out to be broken for an easy and inexpensive shield, to censor their bullion and Elixir from other attackers. That’s only one tiny aspect of a change though.

Today we schooled that a map distance has increasing by over 20%, giving users some-more room to work with. Then, a conflict time has been increasing by 30 seconds both in unchanging clash, and in Clan War. This is huge. With stronger defenses, a 3rd hero, and upgrades opposite a house users will need some-more time, and now we have it. Here’s a summation of all announced so far.


  • No invulnerability given from Town Hall destruction
  • [UPDATED] No invulnerability given if assailant does not muster during slightest 1/3rd of a full army
  • 12 hours invulnerability given during 30% destruction
  • 14 hours invulnerability given during 60% destruction
  • 16 hours invulnerability given during 90% destruction

Attacking Through Shield:

  • Can now enter Multiplayer matchmaking or Revenge nonetheless inspiring shield
  • Executing Multiplayer or Revenge conflict while safeguarded deducts 3 hours of invulnerability(attack nonetheless losing your shield)
  • Additional attacks in a same invulnerability concede some-more hours (4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 hours)
  • Shields can be discharged manually (to intentionally take a defense)

Village Guard:

  • Village Guard prevents we from being pounded while invulnerability is down
  • Can go online, offline and conflict with no chastisement underneath Village Guard (no some-more withdrawal your shade on for hours)
  • Free Village Guard activates when a invulnerability expires:
    • Titan we / Legend League: 3 hours giveaway Village Guard
    • Titan II League: 2 hours giveaway Village Guard
    • Titan III League: 1 hour giveaway Village Guard

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