Massive multiplayer online game has reached its 3rd year success; Strategies and tips still a must

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Launched a few years back, the Clash of Clans craze has not taken a step back in terms of popularity and fan admiration. With such a wide-spread international pandemonium, Clash of Clans aims to reward the loyal patrons of the game, who they, their selves, have come up with ways to ensure the success of every player.

As Clash of Clans celebrated their third year anniversary, a recent report by Tech Times stated that Supercell went live to for an update that pays tribute to the Clash of Clans event. The developers offered one Gem boost for a whole week, and last week's results were not at all disappointing to all those who experienced. And the developers did not intend to stop their gifts there.

Through this said gem boost offer, players that own a level 9 Town Hall are be able to boost up production to about two times the amount in six elixir collectors, two dark elixir collectors, six gold mines and two dark elixir drills with 14 gems. On the other hand, the more advanced players who also own a level 9 Town Hall have the privilege of doubling their production at seven elixir collections, three dark elixir drills and seven gold mines with simply 17 gems.

Even when Clash of Clans underwent maintenance, players never lost faith that the game's sole intention is to give only the best. Strategists of the game continued to enlighten the starting to the less experienced players through their hints, tips and tricks.

According to The Bit Bag, one way of ensuring success in Clash of Clans is of course, firstly, joining a clan. One advantage of such is that it will improve productivity in a clan, and furthermore, the defense of a village or base tends to get tighter. Especially in the Clan Wars, teammates are definitely a must.

Another proposed strategy would be the patience to not upgrade the Town Hall right away. As delivered by Day Herald, upgrading the Town Hall too early may not be a good option, especially if the base defense is still a bit weak. Spending the required loot for the Town Hall may be considered teasing, but many agreed that it is not the best choice. This way, the opposing clans will not immediately prey on the said Town Halls, as nany gamers have been noted to make the mistake of doing so.


With the game running strong after the past few years, Clash of Clans still looks to make further improvements to keep their spot as the number 1 mobile game of their generation.

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