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"The Flamethrower is a close range weapon that deals huge amounts of damage. It's especially deadly against massed infantry. Enemies will also burn for a while after being attacked by the Flamethrower."

When attacking a base with Flamethrowers, be sure to use a higher level troops in the flamethrowers vicinity. Avoid using Riflemen or Warriors. Flamethrowers can overpower these troops very quickly. 

When attacking troops with the Flamethrower it will burn your enemies for a few seconds creating minor damage. Flamethrowers are best used against mass infantry attacks. They are most effective against Warriors when attacking your headquarters. Spreading the Flamethrowers out around your headquarters will keep them best protected from Gunboat attacks. This will give it's defensive power the most use as possible. Keep in mind that the Flamethrower has less range then most troops and they cannot damage unless they wander within reach or flared too close. 

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