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So, I joined Badatgaming130’s clan called badatclashing on my main account as well, leaving only one account in my other clan, Ying Castle. This is the second or third war today since I joined with my main account, but the first where I was able to attack. I somehow three stared both number 1 and number 2 on their side (oh and I’m number 1 in our clan)

However, the funniest thing is, I have a war base that is supposed to be un-three-starable (yes I know, it’s not an actual word), and the number one guy in the other clan copied it. I don’t know if they sent a guy into our clan to take screenshots or not, because if they did it was deleted from our chat because it was too long ago, so I couldn’t attack with ground because that base has very good anti ground trap placement, and if he did have a scout, he could have copied that as well.

However, he forgot one thing. He didn’t turn the air sweeper to face upwards into the bottom air defense, and if he did it, I would have lost. But as it is, I won, and the air sweeper didn’t even get one shot at my dragons because I attacked from the other side. I don’t even understand how I won, because he had one level higher archer towers and cannons than me (the cannons still matter because I have a level 5 king, plus higher level cannons have more hitpoints). The only defense he had that was worse than mine was walls, and you know how much that matters to mass drag (I don’t think my king ever touched a wall).

That just gives to show you how important the air sweeper is on defense. Also, i think now they will think that they know how to three star my base, but they will struggle a lot because their number one has one level lower dragons than me and also lower level spells. I’m ready to see them fail. Lol.

Now, I’ll get on to describe my attack. I was trying to use the earthquake and double lightning plus one rage combo (the earthquake was donated to me back when my account was in Ying Castle). However, the air defense stayed up with like, 10 health left. So I had to attack from the side with the weak air defense, dropping two dragons far apart to create a funnel form the east of the dragons, which were dropped in a short line, plus a clan castle dragon in the middle.

I saved my rage spell until when the clan castle dragon came, and used it to power through the center of the base. At the end, it was 5 dragons vs on archer tower and a bunch of my buildings, and most of them had low health. However, after killing one or two of my dragons, it went straight to targeting the dragon that had the most health. So yeah, wrecked that as well.

But then, I remembered the builder’s huts in the corners, which might leave me with a 99 percent two star. However, I took a look, and realized that while I have two builders huts in my base and two more in the corners, that guy only had two builders total, place in the base. So I just wrapped up the three star!

The three star on number 2 was done before the one on number 1, and it was much easier. I just triple-lightning-ed the middle air defense, dropped my dragon and king, and waited a bit for the ability, and I got the three star.

And then, shortly after, their number 1 took revenge… On my second account, whcih is at town hall 5. What!? He, however, tried to drop one dragon at a time to embarrass me by showing how he can destroy my base without using his full army, but he underestimated my base-design capabilities, and he only finished up the three star 6 seconds before the time limit because he forgot about my corner builder’s huts. Before the update that added 30 seconds to the timer, it would have been a two star.

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