'Clash of Clans' News: Fresh Details Out On Treasury Update

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Another update is coming to "Clash of Clans" very soon, and details have been revealed to give fans information on what they should expect with the upcoming extension.

According to details unveiled on the game's official forums page, the Treasury patch will provide a more exciting gameplay to players who are fond of bonuses. Aside from being able to store bonus loot from Clan Wars and Star Bonuses in the safest place possible, players will now see the "War Loot Extra Storage" changed to "Treasury Extra Storage."


The Treasury is a new system that allows fans to keep their bonus loot from being ransacked by other clans and enemies. To make the update more exciting, Supercell Games has upgraded Clan Castles. These sites will no longer be the areas where players can store loot storage containers as the Treasury will now be the safest place in town. Players will see the removal of the storage areas once installed in Clan Castle roofs.

It is worth noting that players can only spend bonus loot stored in the Treasury whenever they want to and however they prefer to spend the extras.

As for Star Bonuses, these goodies are available to gamers who engage in multiplayer battles each day. Five stars will be given to any player who plays in multiplayer, while those in the higher levels will receive bigger bonuses.

Finally, there's the Loot Cart, which only appears one at a time so players are encouraged to collect the cart immediately to make sure the clan is ready with a percentage of resources after every defense.

There's a tidbit of sad news for those whose storages are already full. Unfortunately, Supercell decided that only players who have room for storage can acquire the Loot Cart as it contains 20 percent of the resources lost when in defense mode.


The Treasury update is expected to release sometime next week so players should prepare for a more improved storage system that promises the best storage experience that has ever graced the "Clash of Clans" territory.


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