Popular Game Clash Of Clans Leads To Online Bullying

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 For anyone who isn't privy to mobile gaming, Clash Of Clans is an extremely popular and free mobile app that is making headlines for the wrong reasons, thanks to a New York Times article just published... If you are not familiar with the Clash Of Clans game, it is a very addicting free download strategy-based hack game where groups of people form "clans" in order to raid other clans' villages to take their free gems and use them to fortify your own clan's base. The intelligently designed game encourages users to earn gold coins, free gems, elixirs, and various precious gems used for buying clash of clan hacks which give the user a plethora of tools such as shields, trophies, and increased levels. These Clash Of Clan gems allow the users to cheat through parts of the game for the ultimate goal of creating a social hierarchy with tiers of Kings, Queens, and Troops. Clan leaders have the power to hack other users, and can also promote or demote other members in the clan. However, this social hierarchy is exactly what critics are blaming for a new type of bullying labeled as 'Virtual Bullying'. New York Times has just reported that Clash Of Clans is leading the way for online social bullying due to the fact that the game encourages clan hacks to exclude other players based on their low clan level status. Many children are being denied from joining their friends and classmates clans, which researchers say leads to offline bullying as well. The report is very interesting to psychology majors like myself who have long believed that online hack games like Clash Of Clans can have devastating social effects on the children who play them online, and even children who know others that download and play the online app. The aforementioned report is a very interesting read and mentions some important statistics regarding this new form of Virtual online bullying.

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