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Clash Royale is almost here, so why not get a head start with some top tips for arena success. First things first, you’ll need to buy cheaper clash royale gem know how to get the game in any country, right now. Then, you’ll want some deck-building advice, as well as a complete breakdown of every card in the game. Once you’ve got all that mastered, here are some general tips that will keep you alive, winning, and racking up trophies. If your opponent is sending someone to come topple your tower, like a Giant Skeleton, it can be tempting to counter it with another high-powered, and costly unit. But this isn’t strictly necessary.


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If you use cheap cards, like the Skeleton or Spear Goblins, you can distract clash royale release date offensive enemies once they’re in range of a tower to keep them busy while your tower archers do the hard labour of wearing down that enemy. Over at Reddit, The_RumHam says “if you can kill high Elixir cost cards with low Elixir cost cards, then you will have extra Elixir to cast cards that your opponent simply cannot afford to defend against”. An example might be that if your opponent plays the Goblin Barrel (which costs four Elixir), you can instantly defeat that unit with Arrows (which only costs three Elixir). This gives you an advantage. A five Elixir advantage over your opponent can essentially win the game, as a playing high-powered, tower-toppling unit like the Balloon when your opponent has no counter will make you unstoppable.

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