Life is not easy: "the Royal war" crazy suction gold is a lot of hidden dangers

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 A green hand unlimited scenery

Not unexpectedly, only in a few countries and regions test shelves can stop the triumph of the Royal wars, to standard New Zealand district as an example, on Friday has been relegated to a bestseller list of the fourth and second only to the elder brother to COC, ability suction gold really good. Say the truth for such an accomplishment, I'm not surprised, the earlier we had in travel comment column on it were preliminary comment, evaluation of the editorial department of the editors is also very consistent: severe krypton gold.
So we saw above this ranking. This works and COC although homologous, but different gameplay also makes the recharge for a huge difference in the effects of gaming experience, is well known in the COC although has long been among the highest in hand travel revenue in the list in the first place, but in fact if not recharge can also get less than krypton gold players experience, technical factors, despite is actually in the money and the time between the two choices only; and the Royal wars is new TCG is a trading card game, draw cards become the essential set, of course, SC is used time and money to choose a way, on this basis also added into the TCG unique risk factors:
5 grade card package (i.e. box), need to spend time period to different free open, or directly buy recharge gem open;
The probability of gaining rare card card package range, but the high level of the card package must be opened corresponding to the rarity of the card;
The charge card package with arena ladder ladder level changes, the higher the level of higher costs;
The use of the card game gold upgrade, currently required to upgrade the higher the number of gold coins

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