[strategy] on the above points! The royal war X even crossbows offensive repertoire large strategy

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 This guide's main points in the following sections 

1, the routine main train of thought 
Group 2, the different explanation 
3, comparison of virtual schools 
4, and other considerations 
5, a few tips 
The building Lord since third violet to XB, on which has been on, finally after many arguments (chao) test (xi) and test, finally formed a sleeve set, so incredibly like 0 krypton 358 as the legend of the great god... No matter how, anyway now tribe has been I hear half into the XB Shinto faith, section from 1000 to 3000 +, you want me to write a detailed strategy, so with this post. 
Saw this guide's elegant points on friends, strives for the exceptional! (I really poor mad... in addition, gay men who don't want disorderly electrical me, my heart firmly believe that I am a straight men!) 
I recorded a few video, is for the junior partner in the tribe to learn XB, rough, you can first take a look at, think can KanTie again, after all, this post is a bit long. 
Before it posted a figure and picture 
Today haven't krypton, before a small single friend support today, bought gold give other card upgrade... 
Friend this account deck level and some cup number may be more persuasive. 

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