Bench battle to the death! Match tribal conflict development team open letter

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1, we will remove the v35 35 and 45 v45 against scale, encourage players to carry out other tribes against the scale. 

Analysis: less 2 against scale, it is easier to match from 30 and 40 people fight rivals, reduce the matching time. 
2, new horde against the matching mechanism will be focused more on considerations defense strength (village), of the tribe to tribe attack strengths (forces) considerations will be reduced. 
Analysis: encourage matching baby, necessary bench. 
3, like the tower of hell, skyhawk artillery and big guardian such belongs to late game strong defensive structures and the army, the impact on the match will be greatly enhanced. 
Analysis: in all, and not match is greatly reduced. 
4, new horde against the matching mechanism will consider both tribal tribe in the outcome of the war situation, recently winning records similar tribe will are more likely to be matched together. 
Analysis: the bench on the bench, hands residual rivals and, for players to play is more reasonable, more promote consumption of the gem. Another question, how many straight tribes will be overwhelmed to take off the hole? 
5, new tribes against strength composite evaluation criteria, helps to avoid matching the unequal situation. 
Analysis: a small tribe will encounter more reasonable, not only consider the match, also need to match. 
Defense and war base optimization 
In the next patch, tribal defense strength will be in tribes against the matching considerations play a more important role. When the current system matching, defense and attack power against tribal consideration is equal, this led to the sometimes appear one defense too, but on the other side of the defense too weak. 
After the update, the system will be more focus on the considerations tribal defense power, through the calculation of more carefully, to ensure the strength of both sides war base relatively balanced. After all, when tribes against the curtain, you and your members really focus on each other's defensive power. 
Analysis: for ordinary tribe, defense level base attack technology is about the same, but the most afraid of combat mixed camp, 11 this match each other a few more, pay more attention to how many across the full technology with the king, sc to say I really focus on defense strength I can only say forcibly represents. 
At the same time, new tribes against the matching mechanism will also be able to more accurate consideration players village power status. Currently, players can make through orchestrated a strong defensive structures or units are not against the matching value calculation to the tribe. 
, for example, the player may not intentionally build X even crossbows, and keep other defenses to a lower level, the deliberately caused low defense level down the tower of his powerful hell of matching value in the match, which will be system considered is 9 this village defense level. 
Updated, the new horde against the matching mechanism can identify more keenly built high buildings built with no players. 
This can not only prevent high base easily defeated the players use elaborate war low this player, but also can encourage the players to upgrade a lot high base unit, such as cannon or dead, also don't have to worry about so affected by the match mechanism of too much! 
Analysis: there is a problem, identify what do you do after? Didn't give a clear answer. That is to say, to do a pure match number, not the trees tower contained nine this hell, once made the landmark buildings, greatly improve the match value, this one is consistent with the above. So, the vertical root hell tower 2, and then other defense not up baby, be of much use. 
Winning streak and balanced team 
In the tribal matches some tribes, is always difficult to win, while some tear all the way, it is difficult to encounter challenging opponent. In order to help each tribe matching to rivals, comparable updated tribes against the matching mechanism to tribes against the results into account in the near future. 
Tribal against losing tribe in the near future will be more likely to be matched to another also suffer from winning the tribe, so that we can help them say goodbye one long losing streak. 
Similarly, win against a lot of tribes in the near future will be more likely to match winners to another tribe. Tribal profile page will add a new game with data - "tribes against winning streak", is used to display a tribal consecutive victory against times recently. 
Analysis: in order to keep the winning streak, must win more and more powerful tribes, come out to mix sooner or later also... 
In addition, the new horde against the matching mechanism also introduces some new algorithms for tribes against both the overall strength of the tribe more balanced, and not just the relative balance between villages. 
New match mechanism will pay more attention to consider the strength of the front of the village of qualifying war map, rather than the position on the village. At the same time, the system will also analysis tribal overall defense strength, as far as possible to avoid both sides of the overall strength of the gap is too large. 
Analysis: still, for the average small tribes is good, but the front of the bench matching the basic is 11, the do agree but cannot reflect the real attack level, there may be a few low ranking technology of the 11, is the so-called low defense match number. 
Looking to the future 
No matching system can ensure completely fair play, but please rest assured that we will continue to work hard, constantly optimize the horde against the matching mechanism. 
So far, though, involves game mechanism such as the level of significant changes may be small, but our team has been also will constantly adjust and improve tribes against the matching mechanism. 
In the of these improvements as a start, we look forward to this year to tribes against experience more improvement, make your leader can match to a more suitable opponent. 
Analysis: the shield before the update mechanism, we thought it was in the fight against match, hit the robot, but also hit the average players. 
Indeed, the practice difficult match, need more time to support and precious stones. Before matching mechanism, we felt that we did not attach enough importance to science and technology, lead to an advantage in the horde against the matching size, now the matching mechanism directly increased the advantage of this match, seem jianghu and to bring about a confrontation, or small tribes more peace... in general, just three words, good! 

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