11 the original tribal conflict formation share! Suitable for symmetric ocd patients

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 The original author: radish hart 

  Just up 11 this, with no ideal formation, with great effort to make a. 


  What is the ideal system? I believe that someone like me obsessive-compulsive disorder: 


  1, must be symmetrical, must be symmetrical, something important must be symmetrical, three times (well, I know that is not symmetrical in grid above) 

2, be sure to depots, must depots, must depots 

3, must be a lot of grid, and the distorted the better 

4, had better not aperture (the lights, no gap results in your trap can guess where I guess, but I like), abnormal closely, there's another advantage is can produce a lot of trees to dig stones... 

5, all kinds of defense must be spread out to cover the well 

6, is not all libraries and throw all the stuff from the defense on the outside of the wall (I like), all the rest is inside the walls 


  And I have such a system, in accordance with the idea to use is not working I don't know, anyway obsessive-compulsive disorder satisfied, happy, the only thing not fix is a grid with three libraries, I put the along while also didn't get, someone had a way of yao, in addition, don't remind me of this formation is not centered, tired, not love... 


  Added: there is a hole in the top of the grid can be the soldier, can offset a little bit about the good, the price is not less symmetrical, according to be fond of. 



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