Clash Royale: Tactics and strategies

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  • The player that does not react quickly enough to their opponent's action and simply send a few units into the field has no chance in Clash Royale. Players should consider how they want to make a match. Here are some simple hints to help you with your strategy. 
  • Wait to start until the elixir meter is full (10) and then play your cards
  • Shield your ranged troops with strong combat units. Sent, for example, before a giant  and behind a bomber. 
  • Secure your victory. If you already destroyed an enemy tower, you have an advantage and can respond to enemy attacks very well. This is especially true with strong players, it is advisable to focus on the tower destruction on the defensive. 
  • If it becomes apparent that one of your towers will be destroyed, dispatch troops to an enemy turret. It often does no help to doggedly fight for a tower that has little energy. Often it is destroyed by a fireball anyways.
  • Your towers can defend very well against many opponents. For example, if rather weak goblins attack from a goblin hut, you do not necessarily need to employ a fighter to defend. The tower maybe takes a little damage but it will withstand it. 
  • Units that quickly destroy towers, such as knights, giants, etc., are very very troublesome and other combat units are superior to them. It makes sense to sure them away from the tower and put a building in their way (like a leprechaun cottage). 

Question to you: What strategies and tactics do you use? 

Tip from our readers: Inventalcom

According to Invetalcom, the combination of a hog rider and a freeze spell is very effective. Instead of using a hog rider you can also use a prince. 

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