The Royal war game Royal war Xinshoubikan detours

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The Royal war global shelves iOS, has launched the global game player a craze, many adorable Chinese district after the opening of the new do not understand the game mechanism, now small for everyone to bring over with the Royal war game, walk less detours, a look at how to play the Royal war!

皇室战争新手攻略 皇室战争新手必看少走弯路

The Royal war game Royal war Xinshoubikan detours


1: gold is not good enough panic, early how to use the gold COINS and diamonds? 

2: the box was full again, what can I do? 

3: across all the king's tower 6, how to quickly boost level? 

4: why always lose, this game very difficult... You need to understand the mechanism. 

5: other people's house deck or very fierce! The use of magic skills. 

A: gold is not good enough panic, early how to use the gold COINS and diamonds? 

1. The CARDS are divided into: common (white), rare (orange), and epic (purple), legend (green, even changed the card frame of cool card). Such as we often say the 3/6/8, means the purple/orange/white card. 

2. The early stage of the diamond is valuable, diamond only buy gold! 

The early stage of the diamond is valuable, only buy gold diamond! 

The early stage of the diamond is valuable, only buy gold diamond! 

In view of the previous card shallow pool, and CR with pseudo random mechanism, the easier the less number of CARDS you out from the treasure chest. Suggested that want to open a box or buy a box of speed, please patience to 6 order order 7 arena, A6, A7, card pool rich soil. So diamond or to change the gold COINS, this is the game's most valuable diamond consumption method (is aging slower). 

3. The CR, the excess gold will never can use the gold COINS in the daily shop to buy white, orange, purple card; Card upgrade also need to consume gold, spend just 5,20,50 gold card free upgrade. After that, you will need to consider, according to the card you use the card as well as the mainstream group used the card, have the priority to upgrade the card. Because of the high card upgrade gold consumption is quite late, white card need 6 to 7 1000, 7-8 need 2000 gold COINS! Of course it is another story. 

4. The following is A0 - A2, that is, before the 800 cup card upgrade priority personal advice: 

Priority 1: archers, giant, bombs, muskets, rain arrows, the long-haired goblins, goblins cabin 

Priority 2: ordinary goblins, small pickups, fireballs, bomb defensive towers 

Priority 3: knights, small skull, undead 

"1" as the top priority, and then in turn down, "X" to a minimum. Only one - the valkyries "X", and people sincerely is not recommended, in the late may prevent the combination of the savage and wild boar knight, but early... 

Unlabelled and an orange card - skeleton tombstone, his priorities can be "1", the effect is very good, and all the purple, purple card can rise is, of course, rise, but the premise is you have to have... 

5. The virtuous cycle of gold shops, and gave to the card: daily according to the gold shop card quality buy 5 white card 2 orange card "5 + 2" or "3 + 1", the daily to get some not very scarce card. 

2: the box was full again, what can I do? 

CD box full of way or time, timely open out when the time is up, want to quickly can only be opened with precious stones. 

Calculate good CD, avoid short night, is very useful for the R players. Because the small accumulation can point by point can understand unexpected effect. 

3: across all the king's tower 6, how to quickly boost level? 

Currently one and only three gain experience, improve level of way: 

A. upgrade card, card, the higher the grade, the more experience. 

B. in the tribal don card can gain experience and gold COINS, currently only can donate white and orange card; 

C. complete achievement, get the corresponding experience and diamonds. 

4: why always lose, this game very difficult... You need to understand the mechanism. 

1. The first CR is a need to earn fees, grasp the rhythm of the game, earn fees, to use low fees card solutions for high fees and cost difference. 

There are generally two kind of situations: 

A. you attack with the giant on the right, opponents ignored and on your left, with a wave of goblins brothers + pickup + archers = 11 fee, want to beat you on the left, just you have fireball + throw spears goblins = 6 fee, can perfect work out the wave on the offensive, and under the condition of proper operation, you won't drop of blood. You with 6 defense cracked 11 charges, attack, make the cost of 5 charges, and on the right giant, should also take out your opponents side tower not low blood volume; 

B. opponent first launched the prince + bomb attack of the skeletons = 8 fee, you use a knight tombstone + = 6 fee defense, can perfect opponent off solution, so as to make the cost of 2 fee, and the knight should still have half blood, you have 5 fee can be placed spear goblins, on a wave of counter-offensive. 

In this way, you can gradually, accumulated cost difference, and the opponent side tower consumption will be higher than your health. Opposite the force from the offensive to the defensive, then you will learn the rhythm. 

2. The second understand early in most cases, you will encounter deck (excluding those of higher order, active order to set the card of unscrupulous players). 

If you are a thought about 350 cups of players, so you have to note that you meet the opponent may have with skeletons, skeleton tombstone, bomb players of the tower. Skeletons and tombstones have effect to restrain the giant and the prince, before you use the giant or him, you will need to go to test whether to have these CARDS, card across the group and in the next place giant or prince, you need to first pushed as far as possible across this card card. 

So how to master the opposite when will the card or what? Two words - reckoning. CR in token sequence this relatively simple, with the game to prepare eight CARDS, read the game loading times, random disturb you eight CARDS card order, and in this game you use the order cycle to fill card. As you make the card will fill a card, then the first will be to the party, be your 9 CARDS. You out of the second card will become your first ten CARDS. Recommend card groups (for example, by the way, can fine-tune) : 

My hands is goblins house respectively, and the four arrows rain, archers, whelp. Under the visual skeleton (5) is the bomb. 

A. I placed the baby dragon, skeleton hand adds a bomb, then that is visible under (sixth) as the musket; 

B. I placed the archers, hand added firearm, then that is visible under (seventh) as the goblins; 

C. I placed the gun, hand supplement the goblins, then that is visible under (8) to giant. 

D. I placed house, hand complement the giant, when visible under zhang (9) is used to be the first baby dragon. 

Well followed by analogy, the first ten for archers, the tenth one for them. If the second round of using order, of course, changed, brand sequence will also change. 

Back to before the gravestone, prince skeleton restraint, the giant's topic. After that, we see the opposite under a tombstone with he and five delegates to play again in consciousness of the tomb, as long as we put down before he hit the following the third card prince will grab the opportunity. On the other hand, if you and your opponent swap, tombstone you want to use against your opponent, prince, also can use this method. 

This is calculated, to avoid the restraint and weaknesses, looking for opportunity and change. 

Five: opposite feeling always fierce how to do? 

Not afraid to stand up lu. Against a just know in cloth, can see clearly in the game against opposite > > > > > > with grade, lost to IQ or loss to the trench can be judged. Won the lost the most important is where reflections from video lost. 

6: other people's house deck or very fierce! The use of magic skills. 

Tips: 1. The spell damage in the royal tower damage only in view of the side of the tower and tower, on the other building card (house, defensive towers) damage value of the reference area damage. 

2. You want to make sure there are several kinds of opposite defense units, or building. Punches have means to resist, > > > building has a corresponding restraint spell, the opposite is the cover of invalid. 

3. Hit tower hit a building hit all the people can, but take out side before, to be sure, not with spell activation in the middle of the king tower!!!!! 

4. Spell can last, but remember don't rush to repair, can be in the final countdown to prepare 8 seconds, and then use spell round into the soul. Bear in mind that your spell of royal tower can cause damage numerical!! 

The arrows: 

Defensive, earn fees is poor. Perfect similar level of the skeletons, knife goblins, throw the spear goblins, elder brother cloth linfei barrels (buckets), the devil, the devil. 

Anticipation cover. Know the opposite with the devil group, the skeletons to deal with your prince, wild boar. In the prince, wild boar, close to the side of the tower in advance anticipation to release the arrows. 


Defensive, earn fees is poor. Play building perfect solution for the solvability of the arrows > > >, except the skeletons, but solvable archers, bomb skeleton, (because the scope is small, so the solution is not clean). Can also play the same level and the following a wave of barbarians, and then to the royal tower to clean it. 

The attack also understanding. In sink placed across the princess, low fireball a rating of your musket or flame mage can predict when they will be side by side tower location, hit a round ball, grinding HP can enemy killed again, kill two birds with one stone. 

Anticipation cover. Like an archer usage, but you can only a group of evil. 


The attack also understanding. Like fireballs, because of higher damage can be princess, does not need to lower level of muskets, double the mage, and witch. Still can consume and placed side tower building, defensive towers. 

Understanding. Applicable to the opponent is close to place the musket, mage, the witch and small pickup trucks, such as two or more than two arms. So don't hesitate to send lightning make absolutely. 

Anticipation cover. Like the arrows, but lightning solution is more musket, mage, and various defensive towers. 

Flying barrel: 

95% for attack. Start to hit the royal tower, deceive the arrows, fireball hit tower, tower in general is down! 

5% for understanding, on defense. When you really no soldiers to use them again, against the giants, stone, wild boar, prince. 


The attack also understanding. Like fireballs, due to high damage solution to the princess, muskets, double mages, as well as the witch, even a small pickups, savage. Still can consume and placed side tower building, defensive towers. But do not start, directly opposite the naked throw side of the tower. After all six fee, will you give yourself a by a wave of rushing to the womb to chance ~ 

Defense. See X crossbow is lost, a wave of intense high cost attack will lose. But for the latter to pay attention to, the rockets take off for a long time... , it's best to travel along a straight line on the other side. 


With 95% attack. Spread a wave of soldiers, but remember don't dense, close to the opponent, the rage. 

Defense with 5%. Forget it... , you still place a more defensive towers... 


With 80% attack. Cooperate with prince, wild boar, the balloon. Placed near the counterpart, the royal tower, anticipation scope should cover can rival place > > > or defensive towers and the royal tower. It's need you play the counter-attack, and accumulation of costs. 

20% defensive, earn fees is poor. Across the giant stone, to compete with the classes, the following is the mage, whelp. All across the river to rival unit, frozen all its "frozen, are not allowed to go", and wait on the back of the group of evil. 

Electric shock (electric) : 

Anticipation cover. Like an archer usage, but his solution is skeletons, goblins for spear. 

Defensive, earn fees is poor. Can solve low levels of knife goblins. To play remnants and dizzy with the devil, the devil, archers, flying barrel, and then to the royal tower to clean it. 


Consumption. After you attack troops across the river, set range should cover can rival > > > or defensive towers and the royal tower. Placed in large troops across the river, across the range across the need to cover all forces and your defensive towers or the royal tower. 

Ps: as for the use of units and construction method. 


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