"The royal war" official tournament will be held in April in Finland

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   As a PVP game, the royal war for players to provide a broad arena, now this stage will be more remarkable. Production company Supercell has announced it will held in Helsinki in April 16, the first "royal war" official tournament. 


  Supercell said in Helsinki welcome all of the royal war game for the fans, just send mail to clashroyale@clashofclans.fi, indicating your user name in the game and clan can sign up for success. The number of trophies to participate in competition or grades are not set limit, all players can participate in qualifying, will eventually pick out of eight players involved in the final. The only limitation is the age, players must be at least 18 years of age. In order to guarantee the result of the match the operating level of the players is closer to the card number, rather than have the Supercell exclusive rules are designed for championship, when all the CARDS can be used, and is set to the same level. At present has not yet released information about bonuses or prizes. 

The royal war Twitter page says it will set a new game for game 

Supercell think the tournament should be relaxed and happy atmosphere, the players can eat and drink, side of the game, team is grope for how to establish and improve long-term tournaments. 

In fact, folk have been held by the royal war game. On March 16, the royal war opened Shanghai invitational, announced that the game was held once a week, until the end of may, provide online watch video on YouTube. 

Whether the official championship or folk play, has not yet been fully developed mobile game of e-sports is causing more and more attention, perhaps will become the next piece of blue ocean business. 

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