The Royal war novice entry strategy from zero to help you grow

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 This is a card to beat the opponent, win the box, open the box to get the card, and then take the card to play the opponent's game. The novice Raiders will lead you a novice game player from scratch to play fun the Royal war.
First, the concept of:

1 cards: cards are divided into three categories: ordinary cards (gray), rare cards (Orange), epic card (purple card). According to the type of points are three categories: Army, construction, magic. The highest probability of ordinary card, the lowest probability of the purple card.

The 2 crown: the battle to get, destroy 1 arena tower, get 1 crown. Destroy the king tower (the main tower), get all 3 crown. Against the end of the war, the crown more than one party to win. Winning the trophy can be added in the online mode to get the box.

3 Arena: according to the trophy division. 1 field 0 cup, 2 field 400 cup, 3 field 800 cup, 4 field 1100 cup, 5 1400 field cup, 6 field 1700 cup. Training field is equivalent to a single mode, no gain, you can test your new card in the training field is easy to use.

4 box: online mode to get the silver box (3 hours open one), Jin Xiangzi (8 hours open one), magic box (purple box, 12 hours open one). Free wooden box, open 4 hours a day, up to a total of 2. Crown box, 24 hours open once, need 10 crown, the crown can only be in online mode and other players to get. Open the box to get money and cards. Open wooden boxes and crown boxes with precious stones.

5 resources: precious stones, gold coins. Gem can be bought, can also get out of the box and in the task. Precious stones can buy boxes, seconds to open the box, for gold coins. Gold coins can be replaced with precious stones, open the box to obtain, donate card to get. Gold can buy cards, upgrade cards.

6 level and experience: the accumulation of experience can improve the level of defense tower, the level of the players to improve the level of. Completion of the task, the upgrade card, donation card can get experience. 3 or more can be added to the tribe, the creation of the tribe.

Two, the cup section and the menu

The most important trophy. The higher the trophy, arena rating is high, open the box to get more money, the number and types of cards more and arms upgrade faster, to win rate is higher, can play to the trophy more. High cup segment can obtain low cup section of card. Free boxes and crown boxes can be opened by the card is also decided by the cup.

The main interface has 5 menus, from left to right is the store, card, fighting, tribal, video.

The battle menu content includes: experience level, / upgrade experience, gold, precious stones, ID, tribal names, trophies, settings, free case, crown box charts, the war logs and inbox, arena, training field, task, online battle, boxes.

The "Settings", game player can be changed once, can contact in support and customer service. The "task" to complete the task which can get gems and experience. "Box" with arena information, the point of the box can be seen in the arena of the higher level, the same kind of box can be opened in the number of cards.

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