The Royal war ladder survival pressure to teach you how to stand A7

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 Everybody is good, my game ID is known as I early cloud, the COC from highest to China before 30, Cr currently 7 currently around 2600 (in case of a seeking light abuse), is basically and higher than their level 2 people all the way to fight back, sad to but Cr is really like my type of game, a deck of cards replaced the a can have distinct effect, suit the taste of a single... In view of now ladder to survive the pressure big, this here that game, several techniques are the sum of individual, hope can to not know how A7 shoes help.

Attached current map:

皇室战争天梯生存压力大 如何站稳A7
皇室战争天梯生存压力大 如何站稳A7

First, the estimated cost of opponents

This technique in a variety of auxiliary out after seemingly unimportant, but in fact and play cards to learn to count cards, is a master of the only way to become a master, because most people just stay in the feeling. Card counting method, relative and absolute relative method is that every time the next round of soldiers, calculate the rival and its cost difference, so as to know how many fee left opponent, use absolute method first of all know, holy water fee every 3 seconds rose 1 point, the opponent and the Allied are the same, so whenever the under charge soldier, you can silently count against the holy number, and when one's own rose 1 case, the opponent will rise 1 case. Down that absolute method is more reliable to use, but you need to remember the card cost, at the same time, the training mode and training, so that we can practice makes perfect. Absolute method at the last minute to give up, I practiced for so long to the last minute is not clear, this time because of holy water fast refresh, the opponent always has a card against you, more should consider the opponent is not what kind of brand (the licensing rounds will not appear again). Use absolute method if you can not remember how to do not know how to do, also do not panic, because you play dozens of the total can always feel the opponent when the cost is under the light, this time to re calculate the bar.

Know your holy water, it can be said is a master, then went on to consider the specific card group.

Two, the card is worth the training group

SC design of the game, there is a common point, there is a very good game ecology. Not only in very playable and also performed at each level can adapt to the game, such as the dragon card can say below 1400 is the trump card, the solvability of cock wire soldiers as vice Jotham, the novices do not know how to restrain the dragon and easily when the target is splashing spray die, but section of cup again to other careers showed its attack power if the characteristics of thin blood, like the dragon and the prince of the combination to A6 above will become more and more weak. And then a strong genre, it is bound to have a very restrained his card group. Specific to the genre, is nothing more than is the crowd flow, rub the attack flow, frozen flow (with wild boar, Prince, balloons), hard bar flow, wave flow (with) the collector and difficult to comfortable mortar / Crossbow flow and rocket defense flow. Personally, I prefer those who can enter the back of the card, the general rates are not high, no matter what kind of card group I always take a few, making the fault rate is higher. Mainly have:

1, two charges goblin (two are the best card, but also to low fees over the role of brand, recommend always with at least one, if only with a, air defense is weak, need to rub tower with a spear, to erupt with bayonet);

2, flies (card brand overall rate is higher with 3 fees, and the rest with 5 charges, defensive end can fool the other arrows rain);

3, the Valkyries (current version can get long and mages, more meat than the black king, if followed prince or other fast animals is to give you an insight into the sprint Wajili sturdy)

4, a small flash (said here some specific values, small flash general seconds solution skeleton and spears, higher than the bayonet at level 1 seconds, than fly Level 2 sec solution, the than arrows beauty is only a second application time, while Vertigo effect can let the troopers or building to select the target, Prince charge stop), pay attention to small flash and frozen and not let hell tower recovery from the minimal attack to start.

5, Knight (time, when you are afraid of the opponent back AOE this card is enough to reverse the situation);

6, the Prince (personal favorite card, first because the system to send the.. In my store frequency is very high, the feeling is belong to me a card, specific usage we all know (with not much good, easily in Prince loss fee), choosing opponents missing fees or not low cost card the other attack. It can also be and wild boar or balloon formation dual attack schools, does not distinguish between what is the main which is feint, see the opponent to defense in which side is on the other side continued to attack, attack ability are very tough, does not belong to routine can form the combat capabilities of the deck, defense can also be solution is used to solve the back);

7, frozen (version of the king, let utility maximization of troops on the battlefield, showdown between the appearance rate the highest card, the timing, the effect far higher cost 4), attention has a 1 second casting delay.

Two legends are God card, but the probability is very small, not to say it.

Three, a number of practical tips

Analysis of the ladder before the A6 can use fat defensive back, due to 1100 and 1700 with a lot of the sea, 3 fee, will let your opponent is uncomfortable, it is best to take on yellow or knight, way of protecting the rear to be cut and cut the back of the opponent. More than 1700 routines more, unworthy of the fat fury began not, recommend a variety of card group attempt under, 1700-2000 under the care of all the goalkeeper is definitely the fastest level a cup segment hoisting, rushed up is not urgent, the game itself is semi formed, slowly. Here are some tips:

1, when the opposite AOE in attack, one's own solution card if it is surrounded by goblins don't cross, otherwise let the master have displacement will make the choose a new target, the goblin waste.

2, when the opponent, for example on the left, the towers placed in the axis on the right-hand side of the grid, horizontal line is higher than the princess tower 1 or 2 squares (i.e., gold a defense), this will attract the opposite troops to the middle, on both sides of the princess tower hit;

3, the house is recommended to put the first close to the king tower close to the tower, so that it can defend the two soldiers.

4, skeleton giant must put the soldiers behind him. After the death of the explosion radius of 2.5X2.5, but be careful oh.

5, crossbow and mortar not only tower tower and the tower of hell has a range of 6.5, so you can use a female gun cannon solution without injury.

6, the fire ball and arrow rain according to the target is different, there are 3 to 1 seconds of flight time, so can not seconds to solve the fly group, pre sentence is not good to put early and easy to collapse; the rocket has 2 to 4 seconds of flight time.

7, when you hand lance, small flash, frozen, the opponent has a swarm of flies defensive, you card order should is seconds under the spear and the small flash, solution out of the swarms of flies, when the opposite arms of the defense, to freeze the and defensive towers, to maximize their output.

8, if opponent muskets grade high you fly level 1 (such as flies level 6, muskets level 5), not a single swarm of flies solutions of the Three Musketeers, cooperate with other low cost units or small flash.

9, 8 level of arrow rain can solve the 1 princess, 9 corresponding level 2, followed by analogy. The fireball solvable low level 1 guns or mage.

10, collector last 1 minutes and can not get double effect, its main role is to fight back.

11 and other large arms and you only hell tower for don't advance the time of delivery, sometimes rival with wild boar, dragon to cheat a tower of hell, don't make, rather time-consuming point tower of blood.

12, when the opponent has frozen on wild boar or balloons, building placement shall at least above Princess Tower 3 lattice, or more than Princess tower 2 partial midline on the other side of 1 case, this will not be frozen; and musket range is 6.5, greater than frozen 6 compartments, frozen to play PP.

13, start to test the two rival cards, don't put the soldiers altogether.

14, learn to use the wild boar, the size of the prince, the prince, the prince of the basic and you go home.

皇室战争天梯生存压力大 如何站稳A7

Four, how to against the current all kinds of disgusting routine

1, house flow: the first test opponents card based, Defense + consumption of blood. When the opponent down two in the way, the road attack. In addition, lightning is always the most sharp weapon to control the flow of the house, the tower, and the self closing flow.

2, gun flow: House flow is a cannon flow the biggest nemesis and to our enlightenment is using other arms attract mortar hatred (be careful not to put down the river, do not attract hatred), collector gun for a lifetime also Bang 6, then goblin scratch it several times. The landlord on the gun flow is commonly used to attract hatred after the road attack. Of course, can also be prepared AOE (best is a ball of fire) positive. The gun empty hands do not flow. If the opponent played really insignificant, it directly faces with flow.

3, ice pig / ice hockey: building + low puzzle. The placement of the building I said in the above skills.

4, fat + balloon: the general user is to see you on the other side of the side of the soldiers on the other side, it is easy to let the opponent GG. If there is a swarm of flies the best (later didn't consume opponent arrows when don't directly); if the two towers start can in turn from gold defense bit put down, can blow to the main tower earned, and soldier touch. Preferred solution balloon, pay attention to if not anti directly change the way, don't hesitate, left soldier, then grab the rhythm don't let opposite hold 10 fee.

5, three MM: fireball / Valkyrie + small flash, lightning, rocket, frozen + soldier, yellow hair, really a lot of nemesis..

6, pickup and Prince +aoe flow: Hell tower / ice method is the best solution. Give priority to its aoe. Now, with frozen boar / balloon, Zabing solution hell tower. The best strategy is another way to attack, the weapon.

Of course, the landlord will play or lose the keyboard to play more, if you encounter an autistic rockets like, a direct expression of GG. In addition, for pigs, giant skull with musket now increasingly popular, the landlord still groping in the. Landlord is to use the card groups as follows. The idea is Prince boar riding double for the offensive rhythm, opponents with swarms of flies solution with small flash + goblins with behind, female Wu + small flash to senior 3 mm or yellow solution, and Prince used attack together, let the prince to withstand the female Wu (hee hee) a charge. The disadvantage of this deck low card inexplicable too little, not waste water, and many buildings encountered a headache.

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