The Royal war deck: A4-A6 cup double speed skeleton barracks recommended

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Believe that royal war gamer know fat the principal ID, as often entrenched in the world's top ten senior players, he the game must have very unique understanding, and today recommended the card group is president of fat is the most commonly used a set. Many high segmented internationally is the card set to eat too much, after deliberation found this set of cards used in A4 A6 segmented as good, so get out and share with everyone, below we together to see under the card group structure and ideas.

 [card group list]




《皇室战争》套牌:A4-A6速冲杯 骷髅双兵营推荐

(if the card does not change all right, dragon = Musketeers, fireball = poison surgery)

  Card group understanding:



 1 core ideas: defense, earn fees, fight back。

2 hands: take a look in the opposite reaction, if there is no response we cannon and licensing fees too low test across the solution for the brand and the core brand, do not easily under the house (such as left just after a good house, the opposite may be right on the organization of the wave of big breakthrough, this will very hurt).

 3 house next time: consider the opposite hand on the dart card, if we have to grasp the solution then under house.

4 House location: hand cannon of decentralization tower after a little better, if not put intermediate prevent wild boar or balloons.

5 Under the big house or small house: the first small after the big! Fee four small house for early excessive, used to save cost and consumption of blood; seven big house pre caution, because after heavy house hands at most three charges, across a wave of big breakthrough may direct collapse hit the US and keep the advantage obviously.

6 Big skeleton dismount: it should not be used to attack, unless count good opposite expenses is not enough to prevent our time, generally large skull in our group's role is defensive defense (but not including the boar and the balloon, the latter will talked about the wild boar), opposite process to as many people as possible using it after the death of a wave of big bomb to earn fees, can consider the dragon with a little funny than their counter attack wave, or to cover house saving costs, waiting for the last minute bursts.




《皇室战争》套牌:A4-A6速冲杯 骷髅双兵营推荐

  7 The wild boar Liuqi ball flow defense (ways of handling the balloon): when the opposite wild boar. Don't panic, normally then we hand should have a cannon (if not, that also don't panic, because our house is certainly in the middle can attract wild boar hatred home), calm the position that cannon put on, and then in the vicinity of wild boar down dragon or a variety of small funny than massed it here to note that across the pigs may be ice pig or pig, so small funny than the placement to choose the right, don't be easily ice to)。




《皇室战争》套牌:A4-A6速冲杯 骷髅双兵营推荐

8 Defense on Prince pickup flow, two ideas, one is with small funny than to draw aggro solution (low confusing high fee); the second is with zombies in the hardware solution. Choose a solution or solution will depend on the prevailing condition of the scene, if opposite admirer and we hand just a zombie, do not hesitate to throw up.




《皇室战争》套牌:A4-A6速冲杯 骷髅双兵营推荐

9 The same is the flow of the house: fight it, the possibility of winning is not large, if there is a poison will have the advantage

10 Treatment of autism: it flow we store store tower house, not what good way

11 To deceive the sky set of arrows to deal with the rain: do not tight we have invincible big zombies, in addition to the arrow rain runs out there is a AOE magic ball of fire




  Wild boar balloon flow with a gun or a house to draw aggro solution; flies sea and the skeleton sea general use arrows solution (little threat can be puzzled, sell the blood of tower defense fees earned) can be big zombies in the blast wave solution. The card in the face of mainstream card now group basically no weakness can be said in grade is almost and normal play with this card was the worst to Zheng Ping, a stable Pizhenka group, has said that the!

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