The Royal war All Star game battlefield April 9th brother Luna rolled promotion

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In yesterday 16:00-22:00 of the tribal conflict: Royal war "all stars invited group stage match in group C and group D, FLY100%, moon, gogoing, JY four successfully qualify to advance to the quarter finals, successfully won the April 10, 1 / 4 finals qualification.

C first FLY100% 3:2 MOON group

BM FLY100% and Luna MOON yesterday brought us the first round is mars hit the earth. Compared with group A and group B, C group of players in a play would show significantly higher than the length of the strength, the two sides first contest is wonderful gongzhan electric ice pig, followed by frozen three guns, house and boar rider card group against, eventually the fifth set tiebreaker FLY100% in overtime with a slight advantage victory over the moon, won a victory in the first game.

C second infi 1:3 TED group

Group C second round match between infi and Prince TED magic tower. CR old driver infi and not as we think resorted to the vertical tower house flow. In the first game was defeated by Ted house flow, the second game infi used to regain a bureau in successful combination of poison stone. But after two games, the electric potential of TED pigs such as broken bamboo, even under the two cities, the first game to 1:3 by TED infi.

C third TED 2:3 FLY100% group

Group C the third round of the competition is the two winners of the first round confrontation, both sides strength similar, FLY100% again and against to the five tiebreaker. Final ted a key arrows release improper, FLY100% taking advantage of the use of the undead attack speed, with freezing spell success won the tiebreaker, with a score of 3-2 beat Ted, get first team qualifying places.

C fourth infi 1:3 MOON group

Group C in the fourth round of the competition by infi vs moon, the moon using the autism flow card group win the first game was infi at poison rock combination crack. In the third round of the moon released giant skeleton and goblin barrel combination of success away infi, victory in the round of the competition.

C fifth FLY100% 3:2 infi group

Fifth round for the FLY100% and infi confrontation, losing two of the infi in the current round out of the pickup plus black and white riding card group first round victory. The score of the two sides increased, again to the fifth board. Finally FLY100% to frozen balloon of a successful combination of the inversion, and a 3:2 defeated his opponent, thus FLY100% to three straight victories ranked team record first officially qualify for the quarterfinals.

C group of sixth field 1:3 MOON TED

Group C sixth round of competition for the TED and MOON between the outgoing line of life and death. Ted in the first round out of familiar with the house to win the first game of flow, moon in the second field calmly chose ice pig flow, with delicate operation and accurate pre contracting even pull three innings of a successful comeback, showing a strong strength. At the end of the C round of the group stage, FLY100% and MOON successful qualifying places.

Group D first 3:1 Tiance smile

D group in the first round by two LoL famous commentary and Tiance smile for us. Wry smile using the two sets of house flow card group and Tiance in flow face early is not strong house did not play its advantages in successive defeats by wry smile after two innings Tiance although regain a bureau, but does not stop the pace of wry smile human sea tactics, final Tiance 1:3 defeat to bitter smile.

D group of second field 0:3 Gogoing JY

D the second set of fields by 4000 cup God JY on war cup 2000 Meng new gogoing, in the people thought that the situation will be one-sided situation it really one-sided, just down the direction of anti anti. Gogoing frozen pickup mage of routine operation ease very skilled and stormed under JY surrender, gogoing to a 3-0 beautifully with the game.

Group D third Gogoing 3:1 smile

A first round victory two D group of players in the third round encounter. Gogoing house flow in was a wry smile pickup defense counterattack card group after defeating resorted to a stone riding double card group, after the two councils we can see gogoing strength in fact than his actual number of cups to high, precise operation and pre sentence played a wry smile overwhelmed, 3:1 win again.

Group D fourth JY 3:0 Tiance

D group in the fourth round of confrontation between JY and Tiance, 4000 cup God JY after the first round of the rolling play again, the round JY use Prince Shirengou flow even under three innings in one fell swoop can see JY game has improved. And Asian male god Tiance though out the ice balloons and electric pig flow, but the operation and judgment obviously have a lot of mistakes, even two defeats, he so far has missed the final eight.

D group of fifth 0:3 JY field smile

Smile and JY each won a round of meeting in the fifth round, second teams compete for the qualifying places. JY in the first round took Prince pickup squad to a road like gangbusters, wry smile to pickup All-Star lineup and electric pig flow battled but ineffective, eventually JY 3-0 victory over wry smile to advance to the quarter finals, wry smile is to win two negative record at the end of the group stage.

Group D sixth Gogoing 3:0 Tiance

D in their final group game gogoing of war Tiance has made gogoing wins, two in the third game is very relaxed, using Shirengou double Prince card group wear rolling the Tiance mortars group and ice pig card flow card group, three matches to win the game, with the first group of record officially Jin grade eight.

Compared to the first day of competition, the wonderful degree of C group D group phase is more better than others. Fine nuanced FLY100%, moon, gogoing players such as operation and excellent pre sentenced to fully show the level of its gaming top God. Today the 1/4 finals, third place game and the final championship finals will start on time in 16:00. The eight players recount, the highest honor gets? Let us wait and see.

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