Fast on 3000 pairs of Prince wave flow card group recommended

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 A lot of players in the game like use current card group, but in the senior arena this card group did not play much role, today Xiaobian to bring is on A7 double Prince wave flow card group share, hope to help to you.

  Operation thought

  This set of cards is relatively easy to operate, is the double Prince of a wave of assault, other times or to defend the main.

 Early: electrical towers can now middle position of the left power tower, because the Prince (5) and the prince of darkness (4). This is combo a 9 fee. It means that internationally once this combo play defensive ability is almost 0, so it is to lay down electric tower defense ready.

  Middle: the middle need to take advantage of the princess, because the princess can earn very much money for you, for example, opposite the barbarian + mage, you can use the electric tower + Princess off easily. The princess and the odd range far incomparable, also need 1 hands to the enemy off the princess.

  The latter is the card later: the output of the stage, first put the princess at the bottom, and then back to the 9 cost fee is a charge + Prince Prince of darkness, this wave basically unstoppable!

  Single card resolution

  Princess: back in the first place, on the back can continue to attack and harass the enemy.

  Prince, the prince of darkness: the core of the attack card, together with a total of 9 charges, the prince is a single body damage, the prince of darkness is the scope of damage.

  Master ball of fire: to deal with the building, or in the absence of sword rain against the enemy air combat card.

  Sword rain: in the local group of strange time, restraint card card, such as a large mosquito (because the sword rain slow, you can do a pre sentence).

  Tower: defense construction, to protect their own city, can be on the ground.

  Barbarians: Defense cards, and auxiliary attack cards, the use of the barbarians do not need to say more.

  Skills for schools

  X crossbow flow: the deal with X crossbow is simply not so simple, when the opposite down cannons ready to protect x crossbow, princess, can demolish cannon at a distance. Enemy in X crossbow can put down the barbarian or prince and Princess output matching, easily collapse on the opposite side of the offensive.

  Flow into the sea: sea flow is spotted the opportunity in another way to open up the battlefield, such as opposite the barbarians a 7 fee house. At this time the prince directly in the way into and across the remaining three fee is simply untenable.

  Giant to promote the flow: the giant flow is also relatively easy to protect the electric tower and the princess, the use of electricity tower to attract the giant, the barbarians directly under the force cut back. But in attack may be troubled, double Prince charging damage in a giant. But it still has a chance to steal success.

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