Dragon day bucket Royal war Dragon God barrel was born

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Following the X collapse after the war god crossbow, Royal philosophers 100 teaching have been rising, this long barrel will have what kind of God?

  Yilong a barrel, defensive back, very wretched.

  I before the update with a crossbow set on the 2000, updated used this lineup, began to familiar with, has been hovering at 2300, suddenly one day enlightened, this a game winning streak on the 2600, ideas and sent in the following.

  Card group sharing:

  Card group thinking:

  Say first a underestimated popular card, egg tower, high cost less blood? Is the key to really be able to hurt each other fried eggs, usage of the tower and the other tower, other towers used to sell, bomb tower to protect, protect bomb tower, in order to ensure a earn fees.

  Start full fee tower, tower, in gold after a grid. Only in this way can assure each other that flies bomb tower, the basic sword rain makes bomb tower without injury, and the other side across the river cluster after the bombing of a cool. No tower, a bucket bucket, a triangular Princess tower test, no bucket start instant paste river put brother sergey. Did not wait for each other.

Other side of the ground small arms crossed a river is killing bomb tower, large units, black prince, Goblin Bomb in front of the tower in the knife block, prevent the assault, bomb tower a lot of output. Giant, giant after crossing the river, with yellow hair cutting back output, swarms of flies giant solution, rest assured that basic giant dying each other sword rain will to, other sword rain, throw flying barrel surrounded by other Princess tower, absolutely cool acid.

On both sides of the wretched really not afraid, because we have the wretched nemesis, rocket of tower in the middle or front, we have barrel can play in the rear, if from the house near, rocket has much fried much.

For rock flow, the tower must ensure the presence, followed by large forces more than six fees, direct rocket bomb his Niang of, ensure crisp acidity, stone is best to use a silly not to fly, because the blood is too thick, flies to rain of swords.

This set only afraid of lightning, because the bomb tower is very important for us is a very important very important. (tofu curd is salty is very important!)

Also, the appropriate Princess tower selling blood, easy to let the other recognize death way, this bomb tower can be partial, output.

In fact, remember a few points to attack.

1 is not a general offensive sell bomb tower

2 flies generally used to solve the big, not to attack, unless the person doesn't spell

3. The other single spell, a swarm of flies is after barrels, spell, or other expenses out of the bucket or scheming barrels

4 carry Dragon Tower, bucket more healthy

5 is not suitable for wave

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