Is there any difference between the Royal war and the tribal conflict

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Royal war and tribal conflicts are the Finnish game developer supercell development game, a famous already a long time, also a is just near travelogue. The Royal war is to tribal conflict as the subject matter, in the play on the same reference. A lot of players are not clear between the two in the end what is the difference, more than two games that are the same. So whether they are the same, read the following analysis will understand.

  Tribal conflict takes time to focus on

  Although there are many similarities between the two games, but they have three obvious difference, namely krypton gold, techniques, and processes in the game。

  Card upgrade needs to spend a lot of resources and time

Krypton gold []

Krypton gold can be said to be two different game the biggest. According to the report, in the Royal war want to have all the highest grade card, you need to spend $14000. So much money for any one of the players should be no small burden, the players in order to get free of these cards, you need to spend a lot of time in the game.


According to the study, the Royal war and tribal conflict are two different styles of the game, especially in the players' skills, there is a big difference. The Royal war has a very fair play system, such a system will promote the players to fight for their own, and enhance their skills level. Even if the players have a stronger force, but it is not an easy thing to beat the opponent, but also rely on sophisticated tactics and strategies.

If the player has played the legend of the furnace or the like, then the Royal war is sure to suit you. On the other hand, tribal conflict does not show the importance of the player's skill.

[game process]

And the Royal war is different, the tribal conflict of the game requires players to pay great attention to the process of the game. In the game, pay close attention to the development of our troops can be better, more powerful. And the Royal war is treasure to limitations of the chest is the main channel for obtaining props, however chest position Co., coupled with the chest open time and reality at the same time, which greatly limits the development of players.

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