Tribal conflict law which the Royal war chest drop

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 A brief introduction of all kinds of treasure: the treasure box is divided into boxes, box, box, box, purple gold Wang Guanxiang five.

1, wooden box
The opening game of the practice of giving away prizes and free boxes every 4 hours can be opened. Free boxes can be accumulated 2, when the time is not open will stop the time, so free boxes as far as possible in time to open. The contents of the wooden box and silver box the same, with the players to improve the level of the level of the players inside the contents of the more abundant. Good luck if a small amount of diamonds can be opened in the box.
2, Wang Guanxiang
Each collection of 10 crown can be opened once, but only once a day, open the future will enter the cooling period. Present day around 23:00 (refresh and everyone's apple code relating to the cooling off period, refresh later can once again won the right to open. Wang Guanxiang's content is the same as the gold case. The crown was obtained by fighting, destroying 1 of the enemy's 3 turret and taking the 1 crown, destroying the main turret to win the crown directly. Crown and the outcome has nothing to do, even if the loss can be brought to the crown. If a turret is not destroyed by the other side to beat it, you will be nowhere. Good luck, then the crown box can open a small amount of diamonds.
3, silver box
Silver box is the most basic trophy, accounting for 75% of the total number of dropped. The contents of the box is a small amount of gold and a few cards, usually silver, good luck will be able to get gold and purple card. Open the box to wait 3 hours. Silver box can also be used directly in the store to buy a diamond, the purchase of a silver box can be opened directly, etc.. The contents of the silver box content with the players to improve the level of the contents of the inside of the rich, the store is also the same as the silver box. The higher the grade, the more expensive the silver box (the following gold box, purple box). From the list of the boxes below we can see that there is a maximum of 4 boxes in the box.
4, gold box
Gold box is the most rare, accounting for about 23.75% of the total number of dropped. The gold box will have a bank card, that is to say each gold box can at least draw 1 cards. The probability of the emergence of the gold box is about 1 per day (no precious stones seconds to open, the premise of continuous game).
5, purple box
Purple box is an extremely rare case, accounting for 1.25% of the total number of dropped. At the end of the purple box will have a bank card and a number of Zhang Jinka's purple. Purple box appears as a probability of about 1 per week (no gem seconds to open, the premise of the continuous game).
Two, the order of the fall of the box
1, the case is fixed in the order of the fall (see the lower part of the big table), we can see their resume, which has its own victory over the number of times. This data is now to get the total number of cases. But there is a premise, if when your box of four bit full time, you have to go to war, even winning will fall box (before the war will have prompted). In this case you win the total number of cases and the total number of cases dropped the error will be greater. At the beginning of the game player rarely has been full of war, so the error will not be very early in the game.
In particular, it is worth mentioning that the purple box is very rare, the first purple box in the 12 place, so most of the players in the 2-3, 1-2 stage of the arena can get. And the next second purple boxes in 132 place, but also 120 boxes, about 25 days in order to get.
2, box order form.
Similar to the statue of the BB and order, chest drop order is fixed, different from BB is the order at present and is not, and will not be inflicted BB that remains to be seen.
240 cases for a cycle, with 180 silver boxes, 57 gold boxes, 3 purple box. In fact, the 3 purple box is in the 12, 132, three 204 position to replace the gold box, do not consider the three purple box, then can also be seen as a 40 box for a cycle.
According to 40 cases for a reincarnation of the words (all as the case of a purple box, a circle just for the next table in a column) the time required for 7 days and 2 hours. Total can open up to 30 boxes of gold 10 silver boxes, gold box on average 1 more points per day.
According to 240 cases for a reincarnation of the words, a reincarnation need 43 days, about 1 and a half months. That is to say, average every two weeks can open to 1 purple box.

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