Tribal conflict (Clash of Clans) 8.67.7 For iphone

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Set up their own army, led the tribe to win! The angry Meiran savage and arson crazy to your master and other players recruited. Build the village, off the invaders, to fight the world's millions of players. With others to build a powerful tribe, the enemy will kill a completely routed!

Please note! "Tribal conflict" for free download and installation. You can also use real money to buy the game props. If you need to cancel this feature, please disable the application within the device settings option. In addition, according to our "terms of service" and "privacy policy", you must be at least 13 years of age to download and run the tribal conflict.
Game features
* your village into the fort as strong as iron
* set up your own army! The barbarian, knight, mage, Archer, wild boar, dragon and other powerful fighters and sent
* compete with global players to win their trophies.
* build the ultimate tribe with other players.
* in the rush for epic war between rival tribes and tribes
* 18 unique units to be built for many times.
* try different forces, spells, heroes, and Horde reinforcements, and explore the team of your dreams.
* use of cannons, towers, mortars, bombs, stealth stealth springs and other defense facilities to protect the village walls
* against the king of the elder brother Sergey has started in the struggle throughout the Kingdom
Player Reviews
"Tribal conflict" in the Store App to get a remarkable record, the five-star praise more than one million.
Game support
Captain, you have a problem?

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