Original version: 3 different PigHead tribes use 11 of the latest conflict formation

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 11 out of a lot of people to the array, my defense is still in repair, the array is not used, it has been washed in a simple array of simple modifications under the.

In fact, we do not have everywhere seeking bursts, you own now Ben built-in array slightly modified, you can moved several resources building out is very easy.

Now the frozen time lengthened, and the new king, to the success of the defense, must wait for bird and other building up later.

There are several layers of success:

For the love of resources, resource less lost is wonderful, not to lose is not possible.

For the cup of love, it is not enough to fifty, can not burst, this requirement is higher than the previous.

For all of the two love, that requires a very high.cheap clash of clan gems

The attack is now heavily, to take the shield to defend the success or some luck inside.

Anyway, it is hard to defend. There should be appropriate, well, good attitude, but also fight some character. So as to be in an invincible position.

The following two matrices are all 11 of the buildings are put into the. In the repair of the large wooden box is big wooden box is Liannu (no money PigHead seconds, slowly repaired). The rest of the mage tower and tower, the tower of the tower to see it out。

This array you put in the 11 defense is full of the latter is also possible to use。

The bird's position, my advice is to stay away from hell tower, to avoid being frozen frozen. From this, or try not on the offensive line. Generally choose the location of the eccentric can be.

The formation of a cup: array, both supporting resources

猪头原创:3版本不同用途 部落冲突11本最新阵型

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