10 share the strong tribal conflict matrix! Don't simply use God to describe

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 Used before a lot of ten the farm formation, since the seismic potion, wall level suddenly can't effect, feel everything is floating clouds. Be all kinds of explosion black, love ah...

Later decided to put a new formation, after changing I have now the formation.

1、First the formation of picture.


2、Design guide system

This position can be said to bounce, no earthquake. All around to the center in accordance with the circuit diagram, in the center of ferocious firepower attack who can't resist。

It can be said to me most is from 12 o'clock, so the spring rate is extremely high, up to 18 fat danfei. Look at the next two giant bomb Liannu,

Second grass root and mages are. At the bottom, the three skeletons trap together, a lot of a lot of efforts to stop the offensive force forward。

3、Another design guidance: if successful offensive force will walk along the line, I tell you, the two giant bomb is not a vegetarian, fat or cock wire will be ripped apart

4、Tribal Castle

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