The Royal war was updated in May will double crown chest

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"The Royal war" as the recent popularity of hot hand travel, but also will usher in an exciting update. SUPERCELL official release of the latest news, the next version of the Royal war update, there will be a number of major adjustments, the general content is as follows:

  1、Treasure Crown Award doubled.

  2、The highest level of friendship (Legend / Epic / rare / common), adjusted from 1368 to 1479.

  3、Internationally Chong Tatsu Royal Arena (A72000 cup), inside the tribe every 8 hours to a card, from the original 10 pieces of ivory or a orange instead of 30 pieces of ivory or 3 pieces of orange. Each tribe internal donation cards, from the original 2 white cards or 1 orange card into 6 or 1 pieces of orange white card.

  4、The next update date is scheduled for early 5!


  The updated news really made the Royal wars players excited, a doubling of the crown and the treasure box will allow players to have more access to rare cards, extent allows players to get rid of the "gem" problems, let us wait and see.

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