Royal war official: punish the use of third party software

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Dear challenger:

We are fulfilling the promise of a fair game!

Our goal: to create a fair game environment for every player who loves our game. According to our latest fair game policy, if the player has not yet uninstall the ban on the use of third party software, will be severely disciplined in the near future.

Important tips:

This punishment and warning will not be a one-time measure, we will continue to deal with this situation seriously. At the same time, we are constantly optimizing our testing procedures to ensure that all of our games have a fair and just environment.

About third party software

Third party software is unauthorized applications, some players through the use of such improper procedures to control the game data, change the game function. Third party software not only to the players to bring the game is not just easy, but this will also lead to the player's account and personal privacy information there is a great risk.

Third party software includes:

Procedures, procedures, and other functions of the simulator and any other improper modification of the game

"Robot" or other programs or scripts that make the game run automatically

Any other program that is designed to modify or not to accelerate the process of the game.

In order to better solve your doubts, the following is a Supercell company to solve the problem of fair game:

Q:Game player using third party software game phenomenon for several years, why only now to start a large-scale ban?

A:In fact, we have been committed to taking on the use of third party software account of disciplinary measures, because this kind of violation of our terms of service.

Q:As a result, the number of accounts has not been a sharp increase in the number of banned it?

A:As we said, for the use of third party software account, we have been taking measures to deal with. At the same time, we are trying to improve the success rate of the system to detect the cheating behavior.。

Q:How many accounts will be banned?

A:Sorry, we can't be sure.

Q:Does this mean that you have a certain percentage of 100 million of the daily active users have cheating?

A:Yes, there are a number of players have cheating, which is why we take this action.

In addition, if you take into account the number of players after the number of players released from 100 million days of growth, then even if we eventually closed a large number of players, the number of daily active users will not be reduced to less than 100 million.

Q:As we all know, without the use of plug-ins and robots can not reach a high level in the game. That this is not equivalent to the punishment of high-level players do?

A:First, in all of our games, each player does not need to buy or use third party software to achieve a high level of. Second, any use of the third party software accounts are likely to be banned. The key question is not whether the player is at the stage of the game, but whether he uses the third party software.

Q:Have you ever predicted that the players who spent a lot of money in the game would be banned from playing the game?

A:We in terms of service 1.1.1 (license - service limited license - licensing restrictions) has explicitly informed: any third party software acts will be banned. We had to use the plug-in and robot account banned.

Q:What do you think will be the impact on the company's financial?

A:Financial impact we can not predict, but the vast majority of our players are not using plug-ins or robots.

Q:Some people say that your great success is to some extent the use of plug-in and the robot's high paying players contributed to this, what do you think?

A:Most of us don't use a plug-in or a robot, so this is not the right idea.


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