Sit on the dream balloon balloon Royal War soldiers techniques.

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Balloon soldiers as a royal war games in a military card, has the highest damage in the Imperial War, but the balloon is very easy to be opposite the building units, you can not complete the things you want it to do. Careful understanding of the balloon has become a card like a player's required course, the following is a summary of the player's analysis of the balloon in the hope that can help the players like this card.

1、Fire air force

When it comes to the balloon, it is a controversial card. On the one hand it burst table output can be two or three burst your defensive towers. On the one hand, it is extremely easy to put a distortion after thanks to metrorrhagia the earned fee

The gold output burst table air force also have a cold joke -- "has been engaged in do not understand why a bomb soldier sitting on a hot air balloon? Moment seems to have been fans of the power output strength not to."

2、Attribute analysis of balloon soldiers

Balloonist volume is not high, but the key lies in its output growth really too terrible. Similarly, it and skeletons family of skeleton warriors, after death will fall down to a small bomb, although damage is not high, but fried fried soldier bombing tower is still possible.

The balloon position is in midfield, few people will choose a different location, is the main purpose of the most quickly make it to a tower.

3、A dream balloon

The balloon in actual combat, at present the most popular match is with giant and frozen. Balloon itself and its easy to be solved, so the need for a front row after the success of the hatred, the safety of the tower, in addition, with the tower of the frozen, but also in a timely manner to promote the balloon attack.

Single card match for balloon:

The barbarian, Valkyrie, dragons, giants, big pickup, hell tower, freezing, arrows, fireball, collector, poison and so on。

Other single card is probably better understood, dragon can not take ground units to the hatred, why dragon list?

We begin by looking at the card of the balloon.:

1、The balloon flies the sea, the number one killer of arrows keep up the second solution did not discuss, have to solve sotda piles of flies

2、Fire shooter, the balloon is not close to the tower, the fire gunmen remote output can also be a good solution

3、A small army elder brother Sergey archers etc.

4、The construction flow, such as cannon tower like hell, a balloon did not discuss

This is most of the balloon card group with the dragon, dragon balloon and synchronous, just position after the balloon to quickly solve the ground troops and a swarm of flies. By the way, to the air force's hatred.

Similar to the same poison, beneath the balloon after soldiers, rapid in the enemy lost near the tower poison and restrain all the creeps.

Combat the balloon cards need full consideration to whether the other side of the card group will be how to solve this card to you, again according to the soldiers, to avoid blind single charge, of course, the use of balloon not only output tower, when facing mortar flow and crowd flow, the same can be several demolition.


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