Inventory "the Royal war" is the most worthy of training card must see

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First of all, is the ten high quality common rare card, players can get them in the tribe to quickly upgrade the card required.


1)Bullets: Bullets (referred to as arrows) in any arena rating is a hot top card. Only 3 of the water consumption fee, the proper use of almost certainly earn fees. Its wide killing radius can be guaranteed to damage multiple units or buildings at once. Imagine spear opposite the goblins and swarms of flies is Zhang Jian rain easy solution out of the scene and instantly opened the poor fee of holy water. In the ladder of the battle scene arrows earn fees are common, not surprising why arrows has always been all Arena hot card.

2)Barbarian: the barbarian (the beard) because of its good quality card is popular in each arena. 5 calls to the 4 barbarians, in accordance with the standards of the war time to calculate the 4, 8 barbarians can bring 2316 points of life and 384 points of DPS. No other card in the game can bring such a high profit. This is not only to ensure that the barbarians in the defense can play a huge role in the attack is also a potential threat to the can not be ignored. When facing the use of wild boar knight, Prince, Superman, rock, giant skeleton, and so on a strong offensive card, the savage is your first choice of defense. As a result, the savage has been a frequent visitor to the top players in the video.

3)Wild boar Knight: boar Knight (referred to as the wild boar) is no doubt the best offensive card game in the game. It has a good life value, fast moving speed, waving damage amazing sledgehammer toward each other towers, for those who did not brush out building defensive players caused great suffering and loss. More importantly, such a premium card only requires 4 points. When you charge the dominant, wild boar can put cost advantage into a winning situation.

4)A brother: brother Sergey Brin spears (referred to as spear) is a low cost high return card game. You can be in the beginning stages of attempts to use him to tentative opponent's card group, can also put them in behind the meat shield forces such as giants and stone to the air defense role, or in the defense with spear can easily earn holy water poor. For example, your opponent with a cost 4 Mini pickup, you can with spears goblin damage, and interference pickup attack, with the tower defense earned fees 2. Encountered a baby dragon, the dragon to be targeting your defensive towers, down spear goblin can quickly hit to kill a dragon baby, you through the loss of such a little defensive towers in exchange for the two charges, also preserves the goblin to counter. So, just take it with you.

5)Archer: similar to a brother Sergey, Archer (MM) a fee, but more damage, more thick blood. Nabal level card, for example, mm is 241 blood, Lance only 100 points, so the spear is arrows, the baby dragon, mage, lightning and so on card card strike kills, but mm can in these cases to ensure survival. However, the high level of the game, mm will soon be princess out.

6)Goblin dagger: dagger Goblin (Goblin) is popular because of its low cost and huge damage output. 8 card for example, brother Sergey deals 261 damage per second, when on the defensive from the important role, so as to earn fees. A brother Sergey and dagger Goblin are regulars on the high-end.

7)Mage: the mage has become one of the best cards in the game because of its good range killing DPS. Mage is a tool to deal with the call flow, against the beard and wild boar also have a good play. In the game the other two aoeDPS is the Witch and the Dragon baby. But it can hurt the ability to catch a rush, and therefore can not properly solve the wild boar such a strong offensive cards. Compared with the fire shooter, the master AOE's advantage is more obvious.

8)Fireball: fireball is a good card, but many game player often incorrectly used to throw fireballs, such as towers. The fireball has a good potential to earn fees, defense of enemy troops have a short time to stop effect. When a large number of troops huddled together, throw fireballs can earn a lot of money. Some of the commonly used cards such as beard and a swarm of flies, fireball is a good deal with the card. Of course, if you can wait a moment, let the fireball hit at the beard and its support troops behind to make a turn. A little trick is that the other end of the beard, the rate will be able to keep up with a long-range force, this time can reflect the great defensive significance of the ball. Different and use fire arrows, need certain experience to predict the opponent's position.

9)Undead Army: the small devil group (referred to as the fly group) and the beard like, you can release a large number of troops, both at both ends of the offensive and defensive play a good effect. He can control a lot of common cards, is a defensive end of the weapon. But with a beard is not the same, the arrow will easily destroy the rain to eliminate the fly group to earn fees. Fortunately flies attack speed is also fast, you can attack the enemy before the rain reached a considerable damage to the defense of the attack.

10)Tesla Tesla tower tower: electromagnetic electromagnetic (electric tower) only 4 fee can play an important defensive function. In addition, hiding in the underground power tower can avoid some range of firepower. Although the game design sSC has weakened defenses to fit their first attack, but the tower in the electromagnetic nerf still has a battle force, there may be a game in the best defense building.


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