Skin crazy three card group: no matter how you defend and then strong I with violence

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 This version of the most hated card should is the bomb tower that is hard and long time, a high rate of fault tolerance, mainstream pig gun saw bomb tower is chrysanthemum a tight, landlord today to introduce a did not afraid of bomb tower routines, pickup violent gun flow.

First on the card group, downstairs to talk about the game, today's crown mission 10 minutes to finish, the 3 crown.

To start with, the landlord class 4 big pickup was purely accidental, but not tight, the core group of card is not a big pickup, pickup is used to seduce the opposite card defense, low grade or for a large skull and other tanks also, of course, big pickup is most suitable for this genre.

The defensive game is indeed beneficial, because of the same cost, the defense has cut back and Princess tower, but a method can be forced higher fees low fee is slow action of the tank sink to the bottom, across the river to bring charges 10 attack, this is the card core set of ideas.

Offensive thinking:

Is the basic intermediate collector and pickup sink to the bottom, at this time the opposite if play is another storm, don't panic, a yellow or a swarm of flies, the two card defense is too strong, not for without injury but do not drop tower.

At this time almost pickup across the river, almost full, and note that must etc. opposite tissue defense and 3 guns, pickup dead it doesn't matter, 3 gun is the core is the killer mace, must play a surprise. Each card has a second deployment time, the second to let 3 gun rolling all the defense forces.

Then talk about the matters needing attention, say 3 gun fear spell, rocket spike, fireball electrically small spike, in fact is not afraid of, don't say silly little cheat fireball, swarms of flies cheat electrically small arrows, big pickup after crossing the river, opposite not be indifferent, as long as the opposite side without fee or miss spell three gun, 3 guns do not premature exposure, without a good opportunity prefer to sell big pickup, under attack wave, sometimes I went to extra time will be pulled out three guns, the fight is the element of surprise,.

Again this genre are most afraid of card, most afraid of is the huge skeleton, no one, didn't have a bit of a temper, followed by frozen, 3 gun is frozen is too fragile, cannot use the second deployment time to collapse the opposite forces, literally to a goblin dozen however, fortunately the two pieces of card play is not high.

For cut parallelism such as Valkyrie, yellow hair, mage, small pickup truck, for 3 guns are the spike, if opposite 3 gun hit the tower and then cut back, also not afraid, Valkyrie and fire to 3 to kill three gun, the tower of time before.

About the timing of the release of the frenzy, we must wait for a big pickup or 3 gun began to attack the tower and then put, resulting in a sudden outbreak of the effect.

If the opposite strong attack, the next big pickup defense is also very powerful, generally can not be dead at home, and so on across the river is full of the cost, but also the same.

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