Ash Tai Long Daily commentary "demolition gun battalion" A7 card group teaching

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Look at today's card group. The three shooter is back.


Card: fireball, giant, violent spells, cannons, Three Musketeers, bullets, collector, Hu Ge


Because more than A7 arena environment has been out of the flow of autism is a closed flow, it is not interesting to play. So, this is for them.

The first gun bitch giant directly attached to his face hit, even if the door put a gun to remove dad tower. Directly under the three gunmen can even the father of the tower a piece of broken down.

Then the top bridge must be under the cannon, but quickly, see the mortar immediately, we remove him faster.

No hand cannon can gold collector, when ordering the poor can attract opponent mortar attacks. If the collector can sink a cannon.。

With the main purpose of the giant, or in order to give the three gunmen when the meat shield. Across the river with the violent spell, the kind of acid and cool presumably also no need to describe in the next too much ha ha. There is a giant block in front of it, a high level of the fireball is drop dead Musketeers can still continue to output. Even if two seconds can hit the opponent routeng.

Hu Ge, like the old, can be replaced by a mage, used as a defensive effect is better. Hu Ge to attack the words of a more intuitive and more intuitive, and the fault tolerance is much greater. The mage is easily smashed Musketeers fireball away.

Rage spells can be changed to freeze spells, see your habits, and freeze spells are more stable. Fault tolerance is higher. Basically get angry gunmen across the river can be no brain ice, attention to the air of the woman to the airborne martial arts or savage. Fury spell, you can quickly solve the field, and the demolition of the tower, but if you are two of the spell out of the loss of the loss of the.

Take to hit each other like fire mage barbarians. By the solution of musketeers words to do too much time to prepare. The Three Musketeers can also hit the opponent what. If you have a better idea or with the COMBO, please tell the next oh.

The cannon's role needless to say, the other is the pig, pig to see mic etc.. It is easy to be early. Anti - Anti - Anti - barbaric people small pickup women Wu God what is good.


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