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 I heard some pretty awkward stories in the last couple of weeks as lots of people think they can get cheap Gems from third party providers instead of buying them in-app. Yes it is inviting as they normally charge around 30% less but please keep in mind

3 Reasons cheap Gems from third parties are a good idea

  • They need your Login (Gamecenter, Google) to redeem the cheap Gems within your account – do you really want to give someone you don’t know this personal access? Remember what information you have added there!
  • Most of the time they use your account and pass to login game and add gems for u,(they have your login, see above) –
  • They use iTunes giftcards or Google Play giftcards – not only they them from someone, worst case you can get serious legal troubles with Apple or Google if they find out you used a good gift card within your account. Telling them you gave someone access to your account and did not know this safe .will not help you any
  • Buying Giftcards from legit sources or paying the full price is the only way to prevent don't banned in Clash of Clans

    Supercell is agree this (even if they get their money for the gems that got purchased from third party provdiers). There is official post telling HOW they search for player who do this but there is one telling THAT they look for it. Probably about logging history (e.g. you live in the United States and then suddenly “you” log in from Russia to buy gems and 1 hour later you are back in the United States). Be aware they will don't banned your account and you will have to start all over again but can use Google or Gamecenter because you will don't  banned. That’s not worth saving a few bucks on cheap Gems, isn’t it?
  • Better way to save money on buying gems here buy gems

    To tell you even more close if you are rare on money or just don’t want to pay real money for Clash of Clans you can use services like AppBounty, AppNana or even FeaturePoints from our free gems section to just get credit points and get a 100% legal gift card you can use for buying gems – even free. You just need to install Apps from the Google Play Store or Apple AppStore – no registrations, leaving mail adresses or keeping the apps. Just download, install, recieve credit points and uninstall the apps. This is pretty easy and needs not a great effort and can be done while waiting for your troops to finish training.

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