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 The Hidden Tesla is a very special defense in your base – high DPS, fast shots and “half” a trap because it’s hidden until troops enter the attacking radius. There are different locations where you can place your Hidden Tesla, and all of them serve a specific use-case. In this post, I will cover these cases and will give you some tips where you should place your Hidden Teslas.

Hidden Tesla Location Is Important

Most Clashers using bases from the internet just place the Hidden Tesla where they see it in the base design they copy. However, you should always change trap locations and even more so when you use an internet base. The Hidden Tesla is classified more as a trap than a defense when it comes to location.


Here are some tips how to use internet bases the best way:

he location of the Hidden Tesla is important, because it depends a lot on the Level of the Hidden Tesla. This is why you should move it around when you use an internet base layout, because most internet base layouts use maxed out defenses.

In general, there are 3 different setups for the Hidden Tesla:

  1. In the core of your base for DPS against the damage dealers, especially TH9 and above
  2. In the outside layer against Wall Breaker
  3. Create the Outside Hidden Tesla honeypot

I will now show you each version and when you should use it.

Hidden Teslas In The Core Of Your Base (Hidden Tesla Level 6+ and Town Hall 9+)

The classic core setup, especially in Ring Base Layouts. The Hidden Teslas produce good DPS and shoot fast. The common goal is defending against lots of smaller troops, such as Wizards or Witches or getting their Skeletons out of the way.

hidden tesla in core layout hidden tesla core

This is of course only effective if your Hidden Teslas need a few or only one shot to take out a certain troop. This is why this setup is only effective if your Hidden Teslas are at least Level 6 and you get attacked by compositions that use the attacking style with lots of Wizards or maybe PEKKA (which is Town Hall 9 or higher).

Hidden Teslas On The Outline (Hidden Teslas Level 3 to Level 5)

One of the big advantages of the Hidden Tesla is the fast shooting (0.6 seconds), which makes them perfect to target Wallbreakers before they reach your Walls. In the common region you will see Wall Breaker Level 3 to level 5 attacking your base, so they have 29 to 42 hitpoints.

Hidden Tesla against Wall Breaker defending clash of clans Teslas agains wallbreaker e1422616825113

Hidden Tesla roasting some Wall Breaker

Hidden Tesla Level 3 to level 5 are perfect against them because they can one-shot kill and maybe get 2 or 3 of them. This might completely foil the attack and help you defend better against attacking compositions that require Wall Breakers.

Outside Honeypot Hidden Tesla (Hidden Tesla Level 3 or lower)

To be honest with you, the Hidden Tesla at the first 3 Levels is not that much of use. It adds some DPS to your defensive power, but it’s not that effective and can’t stop an army when it has reached the inside. Also, it’s not able to kill Wall Breakers effectively, so you can use them as a very nice trap setup:

Showing the Trap Funnel of the Town Hall 9 Farming Base Clash of Clans Town Hall 9 Farming Base Trap FunnelSpring Trap and Hidden Tesla in Clash of Clans Clash of Clans Hidden Tesla Outside Funnel

This setup is a killer for Giant attacks, because it has different features:

  • It’s completely hidden, so no attacker can spot it before hitting it (compared to Spring Trap Funneling)
  • It’s very effective because you get some Giants to walk into the Spring Trap
  • Giants group up at the Hidden Tesla and will also walk into other Spring Traps in bigger packs

You’re only wasting a little DPS here, but it’s absolutely worth it. If there are Giants deployed next to the radius, they will always walk towards the Hidden Tesla and hit the Spring Trap before they reach it.

Your sacrifice is pretty low, because the low-level Hidden Teslas don’t deal a lot of damage to make a huge overall difference.


Why did I write this guide? The Hidden Tesla has the longest upgrading time with almost 60 days in total to max out. I’m sure many have them at lower level and should use them more effectively than just placing them in the core.

If you have them at a lower level try out a different setup and check your logs and replays after a few days – I bet you will see some good results.

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha

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