How to Link Clash Royale from Android to iOS and Vice Versa

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 Many players in the game are looking for a decent way to link or connect Clash Royale on Android devices on the IOS device and vice versa at the moment, it is why today I decided to create this little tutorial to show you how to do it with ease.

Link Clash Royale Account

Link Clash Royale on Android to IOS System and vice versa

NOTE: I use my Cisco IOS device to write and screenshots in this tutorial. Do you follow each step in this tutorial for Android 
Step 1 :. Open the game on the device you want to connect your account to make sure that you are using the correct Google / Game Center ID of the current account Clash Royale. Also, make sure that you’re using a stable internet connection. Any single error that occurs when you transfer your account may affect the course of
Step 2 : .. Click the Settings icon, as you can see in the screenshot below
Settings icon in Clash Royale
Step 3 :. When Settinsg menu shows up, click on the “Link Device”, and then “It’s an old device”
Link Clash Royale from Android to iOS and Vice-versa
Step 4 : There will be two options for you :.

  • Link to the iPhone (if you use the IOS on the current device) or a link to the Android (If you are using Android on this device)
  • Link to another device.

to associate with iOS to Android, please select the second (link to another device).
Step 5 : The Clash Royale will give you a code of 12 characters, which is valid only for 2 minutes. It is as follows:
Clash Royale Link Code
Step 6 : Open Clash Royale on the new device (the one you want to link to your game), immediately open the settings, click Link device and then click on this new device
Step 7 : .. Enter the code, which was given in step 5. After this, you can see your account Clash Royale on a new device

Frequently Asked questions

When I try to connect your account, he said that I could only link one time? 
I I’m so sorry about this. You can link your account only 1 time, so you have to use it wisely. Link your account to your identity, both Google and Apple ID of the person, and then you can use it on all iOS and Android devices.
I do not get any code. He asked me to use the correct Google / Apple ID. 
This means that you do not use the correct Apple / Google ID, which is associated with your account Clash Royale. Please login with the correct one, and then try again.
Okay, so it’s all about how to link Clash Royale from Android to iOS or vice versa. Pretty simple is not it? Feel free to ask me any question when you need help, guys!

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