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 I wrote before I entered the tenth day of the first month of the first article experience, interested friends can look at, after a month in the past, I on the tenth day of the tenth month have deeper understanding, I want to write an article, talk about this month some mood swings.


  1、Upgrade order

  In my opinion, ten of the main any is as soon as possible to double king brush to 40, and then fill some of the major science and technology of the tribal war, such as frozen grade, master grade, bomb grade, bounce level etc. almost tribal war necessary holy water science and technology.

Why don't I fill the Blackwater technology? Because I want to rise the queen, as far as possible block up, so long as the Blackwater hit 200 thousand I put up the queen seconds to sleep. A month's time my queen rose five. As follows:


  Yesterday the queen lay down, to the day I played 50 thousand black, is a relatively more of the day, sometimes I am lazy, a day to play a few ten thousand, but can always guarantee 6 days or so to play a full tube of black.

As holy water and gold whitewashing even, basic hopeless, I used goblin flow hitting severe, really slag Jinshui, gold and water only maintenance workers knocking turrets and holy water technology rise.

Currently only 7 sister, 7 fat, follow-up queen and male Wang lying on the time ready to upgrade the dog, Wu God, frozen spells, mage, pig, bomb. The birth of my basic double king technology 40. Officially open ten tribal war mode.


  2、On defense




 The tenth day of the month and nine different, cup eat minimal assurance is a problem and their Champions League play bombed is the norm, so I choose to avoid the edge, sea to live and work in peace and contentment. The following attack strength is really dog casual, has two weeks have not been touched black.

  Being beaten and long-term didn't shield, but no so-called ~ ~ who is falling in love with ~ ~ who, no matter, no shields didn't shield, ~ say good resources, we masturbate, behind the happiness is the goblin army.


  3、Resource plunder




   Resources to plunder the method I continue I Raiders mentioned in the goblin burst flow black, but slightly do some improvement, remove the barbarians, fat reducing part, Archer substantially reduced, the goblin increases in great quantities.

Before I had the idea that the Qing dynasty. The brother Sergey and Barbarian King in the center of the black burst. But slowly after the experiment found that the elder brother Sergey to center on the line. Pretty king into the center of little significance. I had to give up the edge of the Qing troops, to ensure that all the number of elder brother sergey. After all, not to his elder brother Sergey cheap, we do not lose.

The play has a lot of people a video to explain the, including rogue nine the elder brother Sergey flow and the 11 chant the goblin King flow, in fact, quite a pity, this decade didn't do video (me lazy, not too will get video, if not necessary or not to put the video out). That the current version for hitting the flow elder brother Sergey is feasible, and is quietly rising.


  The following is the time to talk about feelings

1, recently experienced two major versions, a is the soldiers made time becomes shorter, the second is just out of the new arms, the new blue fatty drops revision. Give me the feeling is that in the Champions League nine is not a good mix of.

Former double 302 thousand and 500 black nine abound, now to find a long time to find a. The reason is very simple, there is a need for the current version of gold, water, black to develop, the amount is greater than the yield of the case, the general poverty is the norm. In this version, I can not insist on the nine trumpet in the Champions league. Go down a little bit better.

2, friendship war has no one launched, all kinds of egg pain we all know. The current version of the blue fat is definitely a good arms, a version of a God, the ten friends blessed, quickly upgrade the blue fat oh.

As for the female Wu God, the change of the spring is more or less the weakening of the female Wu God, plus a comparison with the blue, who will use a stronger.

3, now, as the tenth, the primary is the rise of science and technology, any king core defense. Step by step, if you are not a tyrant, please slowly, upgrade double king's time is boring, if played upset, and I like put down a few days, interest to the in pursuit of a day or two.

Goblin stream one day does not accelerate but time looking at 7-8 million black there is still hope, week pumping two days hitting enough lying queen, if you are a crazy man, lying double king may.

Finally, we advise you to give the opponent elder brother Sergey flow to the shield, after all the others lost so much, a shield to comfort. We saw a few times I was hit 31% is not it? Haha, although today was revenge, but nothing, did not touch me black.


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