Well, the Royal war stage spell card ranking and reason

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 The Royal war a total of 9 a spell card, and the 9 pieces of spell card has in the specific environment reasonable use will be able to turn the tide of the battle force. In this paper, the author boring. Hereby ranking, ranking only on behalf of my point of view.

Down, the first appearance is the strength of the t0

In fact the strength of this card dispute, in legend card copy level weakened from each of the high-end office will bring into now only entertainment card group and the ultimate card group will appear.

It is a tragedy, but personally feel that this is the most likely to have a card, raid, strong applicability is absolutely in all card group of the gospel. But born with a loss of passive talent and helpless hands, as well as the difficulty of the operation is too high, so that the use of this card is not so high.

But, still have to say, this card is very strong, but to see the user.

evaluate:you can you up,no can no bb

皇室战争Clash Royale 镜像法术图鉴

Joke opened, and began a formal ranking, the next appearance is the first - shock

皇室战争Clash Royale 电击法术图鉴

top 2-poison

In fact, this card is a lot of people are not satisfied with this, but I can only say to these people, a lot of the world you have to walk.

This is the only control field spell (frozen and electric shock is control), the biggest role is reducing movement speed and attack speed, and to make of force to contain the small fee. Four demolition Wang with this will be very safe to die too slow, not strong.

Evaluation: this card was cut, but cut before us will cool

皇室战争Clash Royale 毒药法术图鉴

top3-Bridge King ball

If this card turns into a mine or an instant cast of lava, I promise to send him to second.

Do you remember, hello not easy to tangle a great army, ready to swoop push off across the loss cost of sucker, results across a fireball, what ideal, life, ambition come to naught, words and two words, my day.

First anticipation may have worked wonders, second pre sentence opposite of success is an idiot, the third pre sentenced you owe fee calculation across badly, so advise you pre sentenced to see the opponent.

Small electric CP, small electric plus a ball of fire can be a perfect solution to many fields.

Evaluation: when the bridge, do not squeeze a pile, such as the fat man in the past。

皇室战争Clash Royale 火球图鉴

top 4-Frost spell

Offense and defense of the master card, a long time of the day dog, don't say you cut a second, and then cut a second I also ranked in this position。

He is certainly not to be replaced, as the longest duration of the Royal war is hard to control. Once the electromagnetic gun, all star, a pig, fat ball, dog ball cock wire CP, etc. card in the group can see his shadow, but later appearance rate reduction, and indeed with the environment.

Need to predict, is also a user of the card, but once the freezing of the wrong words out of the way all good.

Evaluation: please have soldiers in their own side of the time to put! Please in their own side of the soldiers when the release, please have soldiers in their side when the release, the important thing to say 3 times.

top5-Thunder spell

This is also a controversial card, but it is indeed the most offensive cards, what the card group has his accession will become very aggressive, there will be a loss of.

Use the timing is very critical, with a good use of a disadvantage can be dragged into a draw, the advantage can be a foregone conclusion. The only limit is the target in want of perfection and blood, belongs to the high operation card.

Evaluation: do not hand cheap.

皇室战争Clash Royale 雷电法术图鉴


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