Boom Beach Gaining Popularity Thanks To 3rd Party Websites

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 British Columbia, Canada – Boom Beach has become a popular game over the last couple months right behind Hay Day and Clash of Clans and it is more than just the marketing done by SuperCell. Ever since the gaming market took off there has been an increase of 3rd party websites that provide tips on how to take advantage of the different features Boom Beach has to offer to its users. Sites such as these are gaining a strong foot hold in the online gaming community and are pushing the popularity of the game to an all new level!

Boom Beach is a free to play game on Android and Apple devices. The game involves players building a base on a beach and battling enemies or other players to become the strongest army and base in the game. In the mean time, they must keep upgrading their own base to keep up with others. It is a fast-paced strategy game that keeps you coming back! Some features of this game which make it quite addicting are the exciting and realistic battles with different troops and weaponry.

3rd party websites such as play a big role in the success that Boom Beach has been showing. Not only are sites such as this one a great place for players to find tips and cheats for Boom Beach, but they also help the game expand and reach more users through online communities such as YouTube or other types of social media. If players of Boom Beach understand everything about the game and what it has to offer they are more likely to tell their friends about it.

Boom Beach Central is a unique website that provides everything you need to know about the game. They give users of Boom Beach different ideas for attacking and defending off enemies, tips on how to upgrade their army or base, ways to earn free diamonds on Boom Beach and much more. “We wanted to create a website where players can learn everything they need to about Boom Beach to become the best player in the game. Games are only fun when you understand them and know how to succeed in them. We have created a community that does just that,” says Tommy Ryan, founder and operator of

Contact Info: Rob McCabe, Creator, (612)486-2784

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