Be Patient With Your Offensive Approach

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 Clash Royale

• Clash Royale takes the Clash of Clans formula and mashes it up with card battling mechanics. A lot of the same troops and magic attacks you’re familiar with are included here in trading card form. On the battlefield, it may seem like a good idea to rush the attack and take down your opponent as quickly as possible. But during the opening moments of a match, start out slow with your offensive strategy. Don’t freak out too much when you find your towers are getting attacked; stay calm and send out your troops according to your strategic plans. When you do take down at least one Rival Tower, that’s the time where you should ramp up your attack and grab the win as fast as possible. As the time winds down to its last minute and seconds, the rate at which your Elixir refills will double. This gives you a chance to put even more troops on the field than before.

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