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Clash Royale Top used common cards this month

The cards that are being used widely by the players across the world are being tracked by Clash Meta in Clash Royale. If you have read my previous article, you may notice I have tackled about the popularity rate regarding each card from common to epic so I won’t go into detail in this regard.

However, my tendency in this paper is to look for general cards that top players from all over the globe are using still. Players consider these cards an eye-opener that is regarded very successful. So, are you ready to move on? Read the list below to be familiar with the provided content.




It comes at the cost of just two elixirs. This specific spell is helpful in taking out all the troops trying to bother you entering your lair.

You can use them in many troubled times like you may push the enemies in a single lane and kill all the troops willing to fight you in the way you are going.



9clashroyale-MortarCardThis is a building-shaped object and might be on a strong hand if closer with enemies’ troops.

But remember, you will need to place the Mortar wisely or else you may face power damage.

It’s extremely useful when taking out the enemies thoroughly is needed. It has been considered very well in getting rid of swarm troops.



9clashroyale-MinionsCardThese are flying units which have been considered very helpful so far.

You have to spend only three bucks on these guys and they will make defend, havoc, and even make a difference with the condition of being joined by a few troops such as Giant, Witch, and a Baby Dragon.



9clashroyale-cannonIn most cases, it can be a single target, but as far as a big role is concerned, Cannon is considered an important thing.

Many functions are done through this amazing card such as slowing down the enemy by beating inside the towers and acting as support for your own troops when clashing.

It has been used in upper Arenas and now players use it in Arena 5 and 6 either with the Tesla.


9clashroyale-SkeletonsCardIt’s cheap yet helpful. In the past, it has been used only a few times with a limited access.

But now you may wonder that it has reached the 6th place during this week.



9clashroyale-BarbariansThese particular cards are considered damage and tank at once.

When it comes to clash, they are great in this regard keeping the HP intact paired with splash type attackers behind along with long range. According to old players, it’s very versatile card.



9clashroyale-goblinGoblins can work only if you use them properly. They are regarded as the best cause of fair damage too.

The damage they cause isn’t only to troops but also can be used to destroy towers.

They can be acquired spending a very little cash but you will find them handy to distract the enemies.

If needed, they can be used by including in your killing squad.

Spear Goblins

9clashroyale-SpearGoblinThey also need to be applied and used properly and at the right time.

When killing the opponents is needed, use them as they give you full support in this regard.

Try them either through behind the giant or as your important tanker and let the results come in front of you.

Minion Horde

9clashroyale-MinionHordeCardThis special card is used just for ground troop killing smoothly.

You can make the card deal with Prince, Giant, and PEEKA.

It’s able to kill any flying or long-range troop, however, considering the timing is must.


9clashroyale-arrowsArrows are regarded very well in the game and praised all the times because of being most convenient when playing.

They have the ability to destroy and kill everybody including Princesses.

That’s why it has been considered the most powerful cards.



That’s the end of this paper. Don’t forget to post your comments giving us ideas what do you think about these top 10 cards. Do you have any favorite card in your mind? Feel free to let us know telling the reasons why did you make the specific card as your favorite.


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