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 9ClashRoyale.com-Miner Counter Beatdown for Arena 6 and Above

Beating the Miner’s counter cards with an Ice Wizard will make your deck unstoppable!


Ever since the Miner was introduced in the May 3, 2016 update, a lot of players got their hands on this new card available inside Arena 6 chests. This troop digs underground and can be deployed anywhere in the Clash Royale Arena. The most common cards that counter this unit are fast low elixir troops such as Goblins and Minions thus equipping an Ice Wizard in your deck will definitely freeze and slow them down for an easy destruction.


The fast and easy deployment of the Miner anywhere in the arena makes this one of its strengths! It can also brag about the amount of HP it is equipped with and can also do moderate damage. Pairing with an Ice Wizard, Training Camp cards, Zap andCannon, this Clash Royale deck can destroy any counter cards your opponent will set up.


9ClashRoyale.com-Miner Counter Beatdown for Arena 6 and Above


  • Cannon: Aside from defending your base from invasion, they can also lure troops away from your towers.
  • Goblins: This two-elixir card can do huge damage against tower-locking units. It can also tear down a tower if left alone.
  • Ice Wizard: With his ability to cast the Freeze spell and attack at the same time, he can definitely slow troops down and clear the path at the same time.
  • Knight: An upgraded Knight can be your answer against Witches and Musketeers.
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A: Punish your opponent with this high DPS troop.
  • Miner: The bread and butter of the deck. You can deploy him at the back of any unsuspecting troop or deploy him straight to your enemy’s tower.
  • Musketeer: She will take care of any flying troops invading your skies.
  • Zap: Works great against low HP troops and can also stun any high HP troop.


This is a counter deck so you will have to punish your enemy for doing a huge push and not leaving enough for defense. At the start of the game when you’ve already accumulated max elixir, wait until your opponent starts to push. Defend your turf by using Cannon, Goblins, or a Knight. You can also use your Ice Wizard to slow them down. Just make sure that he is well covered so you can still use him to do a counter push.

During the 2 minute mark, get ready to do your counter push. Use the same Ice Wizard to freeze any retaliation and the Knight andMini P.E.K.K.A will take care of the rest. You don’t need to destroy his tower on this push. You just need to make it crumble slowly so your Miner can finish the deed at the double elixir mark.

At the last minute double elixir mark, continue punishing your opponent by using the Cannon + Goblins + Knight and do the counter push with an Ice Wizard + Mini P.E.K.K.A. However, this time, you can add the Musketeer to give you additional firepower. Finish the game by deploying the Miner towards your opponent’s tower.


The deck’s weakness is the availability of two Legendary Cards. Aside from that, a good timing and knowledge of when to do the counter push can also be a weakness. Knowing when your opponent is already drained of elixirs is a must on this kind of Clash Royale deck to do a great counter.


The use of the Miner is really endless. Due to his versatility and at only 3 elixirs, he can crush troops and towers alike! Combining him with a great set of cards to help him and also guard him will just make this card formidable since not everybody owns this card.

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